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Make your own music software free download

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Use three effects more if you pay and scratch your digital music as if it were right in front of you. Advanced options such as samplers, slip mode, snap, quantize, key detection, MIDI control, time-code control, and HID integration aren't available in the free version. This program is also able to print sheet music from MIDI files. With its multi-track mixer, both new and advanced users can find a lot to like in this program.

The free version allows you to record and edit only a single one-minute audio track, however, and the most powerful features are reserved for the paid version. Serato DJ Lite aims to be an introduction to the DJ art form, bringing all the basic DJ functionality you'll need to learn how to mix and scratch. The program comes with a Practice Mode that doesn't require any hardware, which is a great way to get started and see what DJing is all about.

When you're ready to upgrade, Serato DJ Pro is a more full-featured tool. UltraMixer is a professional DJ software package that also offers a free trial version for Mac and Windows users. UltraMixer provides full control over audio, video, and image files, and lets you mix music and video files at the same time. Additional features include a channel sampler, smart looping, and 8 hot-cue buttons for live remixing.

Zulu DJ is great for beginners looking for a straightforward, easy-to-use application. Mix your music live while adding effects on the fly. Users can import many audio file formats into their DJ decks, mix files, and then record and save their mixes as audio files. By Mark Harris Mark Harris. Mark Harris is a former writer for Lifewire who wrote about the digital music scene and streaming music services in an easy to understand, no-nonsense manner.

Reviewed by Jerrick Leger. He is also a systems administrator for an IT firm in Texas serving small businesses. Tweet Share Email. Apps Best Apps Payment Services. The 6 Best Turntables of for Vinyl-Lovers. What We Like.

What We Don't Like. Download Mixxx. Download MixPad. Download Audacity. Download Cross DJ. Download Anvil Studio. Download Serato DJ Lite. Download UltraMixer.

The app offers you four channels of instruments, which include a wide variety of guitars, trumpets, drums, vocals, and other strings, brass, and percussion. Set an instrument in a channel, and then click on different points of the virtual scale to produce a sound from it. A click keeps the sound alive, another click switches it off. Press play to hear the whole sound. You can change the tempo, reverb, and rhythm at any time. BeepBox also lets you tweak how and when each channel plays through a simple interface based on numbers.

Play around with it to get a sound that you like, and then download it as a WAV file for free and use it as royalty-free music for YouTube videos or video games.

And all of this is just the basic interface of BeepBox. Once you've fiddled with this and mastered it, jump into the deeper settings where you can see all channels in one view, add piano scales, save and use presets, and so much more. BeepBox can be really powerful if you want it to be, or basic for any novice who wants to create a quick track. What does your name sound like if it's turned into music? Typatone has a melodious answer as it turns your keyboard into a musical instrument. The idea is to map text to tunes so that you can make songs by typing.

Here's how it works. Typatone used a study on how often some letters are used from the English alphabet and mapped it to the most melodious notes on a standard piano. Type any letters or words into the app, and it'll make a sound. You can even copy-paste big chunks of text. The cool part is how Typatone uses its AI to not just map the sounds but turn the sequence of letters into a harmonious tune.

You could turn anyone's name into a custom little tune as a notification alert or ringtone. Take someone's favorite book and turn it into a song for them. Or you could use Typatone to compose music as you walk around. The mobile-friendly website makes it easy to have a musical instrument always with you, so when a tune pops into your head, just type to make it happen. Beepster is a funky little music generator with a few neat twists. You don't need any musical expertise to play it, just fiddle with the settings and see what you like.

First, choose from the scales: major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, blues major, blues minor, and suspended. Clicking the track image will change what plays. You can adjust the speed, volume, and pitch for each track.

And you can turn a track on or off. If you want a random selection of all settings, click the circular arrow. Beepster also randomly changes the notes each track plays, giving you a little variety in your tunes. ToneMatrix is the simplest of these musical generators, but somehow, that makes it more appealing. You aren't fiddling around with a lot of settings here, all you have to do is click on blocks in the matrix. Each block generates a tone. ToneMatrix will play the active blocks sequentially, starting from left to right.

There are 16 columns, and if you select multiple blocks in a column, it'll play with more impact. It's actually very cool to play around with, and you can even create a simple, soothing Lo-Fi musical track to play in the background while you study or focus.

Unfortunately, you can't download the tracks on ToneMatrix, but you can share your creations online. All of the above music generators are free to use and download.

But there is also a new crop of AI music generators that you should check out. These apps are excellent for creating your own music by telling a robot what you want. In fact, they're much easier than the music generators above and offer a great variety of sounds.

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WebSong Maker, an experiment in Chrome Music Lab, is a simple way for anyone to make and share a song. Song Maker, an experiment in Chrome Music Lab, is a simple way for . WebBeatmaker Make your own beats in a easy and intuitive way. Sequencing a unique beat for your next track has never been easier. Collaborate with anyone from anywhere Create .