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Sims 4 cc folder download maxis match

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It also helps soften makeup looks with smoky eyes and intense contour. With a total of 40 shade options, this Charm Lipstick kit is definitely one of the most diverse CC packs out there. Plus the smooth matte effect is really pretty. Considering that the visible color scheme of the set a powdery-peach vibe probably limited the choices, I think the creator did great with the given parameters.

Out of the three hand-painted eyebrows, two are intentionally asymmetrical. I have to agree with the creator—the effect is incredibly charming.

More slightly asymmetrical eyebrows from the same creator! Despite their obvious thickness, the creator managed to blend shallow arches with a subtle tilts to create four strong yet soft eyebrows. This CC was released pretty recently as of this writing. However, the style and quality of these brows have guaranteed them permanent residence in my Mods folder. And I especially love when the longer ones are interspersed with stubbier clumps. The overall look is slightly messy but imperfectly pretty!

I love the separated-lash look on the Jade eyelashes, and the quasi-eyeliner look for Norma is a real winner. These are simple lashes that are short, straight, and circle the entirety of the eye all radiant-like. The overall look is very clean! I always love it when content creators use a gradient instead of solid color blocks and cell shading for the iris. It adds more depth.

They each have their own personal charm, so which one you use is really just a matter of preference. Everything about them, from the way the edges of the iris look against the sclera to the way the eye color blooms out from the pupil, is soft, feathery, and seamlessly blended.

The irises still have a hint of soft black vignette around them, but there are a lot less gradients and a lot of more solid lines. They also have a lot of color options: 54 brand new shades to play with, including 18 heterochromia variations in EA colors. Kind of like when people wear specialty contacts IRL. This CC pack is the equivalent of heading to Sephora or Ulta and buying one or two items from nearly every category.

Light, nude, and highly glossy swatches that can help create a plump, glowing, no-makeup shine. But if you want something on the cooler side of the spectrum, this eyeshadow and eyeliner duo is to die for. Literally all the swatches, all the effects, and all the finishes of the eyeshadows and lipstick look like soft, powdery blush. If you create tieflings, elves, orcs, and ogres in your game, then this is legitimately a must-have.

The makeup design follows Korean and Japanese beauty trends, so expect flushed cheeks and peachy-pink eyeshadow. For a subtle, sunburnt look that pairs really well with most skin tones this Strawberry Blush by CreamLatteDream is great to have in your Mods folder.

I have a fondness for makeup looks that add texture and depth to skin using blush, so I do use this often enough to warrant a recommendation. Want to save this list? Click here to pin it! This list includes makeup that I find myself using all the time sprinkled in with fun choices for very specific sims who like a more creative makeup look.

And one last thing: custom eyelashes can really make or break a sims 4 eye looks so be sure to download some of those first from HERE! This is the maxis match makeup cc set I use the most often. The Glistening Collection gives you a great array of different swatches and options to make your sim glow. There are 3 parts to the download including eyeshadow, lipstick, and a body overlay with 8 swatches to choose from.

I use this lipstick A LOT! The creator took into account all colors of sims so the eyeliner and lipstick work great for both lighter and darker skin tones. One of the coolest things about this download is that you actually have 3 different options for the download: soft shine, intense shine, or no shine.

Each has a short description to help choose which one is right for you OR you can download all 3 and try them for yourself! The original creator is no longer active but the download is still available through the linked page. Get your sim ready for a night out or a trip to a music festival with these exciting, vibrant eyeliners!

Between the 6 downloads, there are an astonishing 87 different swatches. This sims 4 cc makeup pack is inspired by the Morphe x Madison Beer collection. Each of the 3 downloads comes with 10 swatches that can be further adjusted with the sliders in-game. This is a great sims 4 makeup pack. There are individual downloads that include eyegloss, blush, lipgloss, and even cc freckles!

Fun fact: kindlespice is the creator of the dove reshade preset that I currently use. The eyeshadow comes in 12 swatches some of which are bright and bold, while others are more subtle. A wedding, if done right, is an incredibly important day that is sure to be filled with lots of picture taking. Make sure your sim looks their best with this sims 4 makeup pack that has eyeshadow and lipstick. You can download the highlight for different categories in CAS so your sim will keep it on for EVERY outfit and they can wear it in conjunction with other makeup.

This eyeshadow palette is inspired by pride month and holds back absolutely nothing when it comes to vibrancy! Not only do you get 16 bright, colorful swatches, but there is also a download option that includes 5 neutral colors as well.

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WebJan 19,  · Downloading and installing CC for Sims 4 is generally safe. On trusted sites such as TheSimsResource or ModTheSims, nearly all of the custom content is free of . WebMay 26,  · Here’s a list of the BEST sims 4 cc clothes you absolutely need to have in your cc folder! All of this custom content is maxis match and free to download. VIEW . WebJan 26,  · How to install Sims 4 CC (Image credit: Electronic Arts, Maxis) Where is the Sims 4 CC folder? Here's what you'll need to do to install and play with your Sims 4 CC.