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Bunnycop on duty download

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Thanks for the support :. Murasaki Hey, is there a way I can get the latest version without a patron, mainly because I don't have it nor do I want to make an account and stuff just to get 1 app? Sorry if I'm sounding mean I'm not trying to. There's no other way right now sorry. If it helps, I have 4 full games bandicoot buddy, island secretary, Bunnycop, and Gadget that you get access to all of them when you subscribe.

Sirdiavola All the kink bars must be set high. Otherwise, you can use the code 'unlockall' from the patreon popup, and enable in the main menu to unlock it too. TheManSand Hay when I open the game it is just stays on a black screen is there something im doing wrong if you could tell me that would be grate thx.

Where did you get a copy of the game? Is it the demo from my website, or the game from patreon? Are you playing on windows or android? Gillysnipe Is this game safe to download?

BTW I would love for this to be on Steam or a well known site. If you could respawn within 10 Hours that would be great. From Gillysnipe Productions.

Sorry for the mispellings. Game is safe! I don't really sell my games, they are accessed by supporting me through patreon, supporting me gets access to all my games and helps me continue to make more in the future.

I really hope you continue to add Futa to this one, I love seeing that bunny with a cock. Codes are in the patreon menu at the start, once entered a new button appears in the main menu where you can turn them on.

Codes are saved to your save file so you will only need to do this once :. Is there any chance of getting vaginal in this one too? I had to use these alternative links because the website keeps telling me it can't aquire my info from patreon. Even with always on display turned on the screen still dims and turns off while playing this game. If it's android, can you try the direct version instead of the GPU one? If you are on windows, are you on windows 10?

Just tried on Android I'm out atm haha and it does work, make sure it is all lower case and no empty spaces. Hi Jayden, make sure you extract everything included in the zip, you don't need to install Adobe air but everything must be taken out of the zip before running the exe.

EDIT: Oh, this sounds like a new issue. Ah well, the links are all on the patreon posts too :. I looked in both the bunny options and the clothing tab but couldn't find it in either. The futa option is enabled via the codes, check the patreon post or the FAQ for more info. The code is 'futabunny'. Hi Blaze, make sure you download the file with the.

In your file manager on your phone, tap the downloaded file to install. If you have any trouble, please check the how to install in my FAQ, and let me know if you have any further issues. Apple does not allow any NSFW on their devices sorry. If you need a refund let me know. I know, that's why I mentioned always on display, it should keep the display always on and not dim, but when playing the game it doesn't work.

Account Register Favorites Login. Hi everyone, I hope your day is going well. Here we are again with another update for Bunnycop!

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WebJul 17, Bunnycop: On-Duty Interactions Update + Poll Published by Beachside Bunnies on July 17, Login with Patreon to see content. You will be . WebDec 28, skipto30 When enabled, pleasurebar will start at 30% on each start in the limo. blushiebunny She will always show full % blush. speedup When enabled, . WebOct 12, Download kbijsetupdownload.com Content EDIT: Updated the files with a fixed futa version - futa d1ck was facing the wrong way. If you use the futa mod, .