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Download redisinsight for windows

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I think your best option is to contact support if they have one from RedisInsight and grab the old version. What about you manually uninstall the old version from control panel and then install the new one? Very risky if it removes the old data. I tried that, but it won't do the uninstall without the. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Trending recent votes count more Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. I got in contact with Redis support as suggested by Icarus3 - thanks They sent me a link to download version 1.

Improve this answer. Im not sure whom to blame but the above link is flagged as a trojan virus, by windows defender and virus total virustotal. Please change the link to downloads. Please upgrade to a newer version of RedisInsight. For the version 2 the link is currently : download.

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Related Hot Network Questions. Create your free Redis Enterprise Cloud account. Choose your preferred cloud vendor. Select the region and then click "Let's start free" to create your free database automatically. If you want to create a custom database with your preferred name and type of Redis, click "Create a custom database" option shown in the image. You will be provided with Public endpoint URL and "Redis Stack" as the type of database with the list of modules that comes by default.

Once the RedisInsight software is installed, click on its icon to open the RedisInsight application. Enable Analytics and Encrypt sensitive information as per your preference. Enter the requested details, including Host endpoint , Port, and Alias in the form, as shown below.

You can use "default" as the username for now. Select any key in the keys view and the key's value gets displayed in the right hand side that includes fields and values. The RedisInsight browser tool allows you to modify the data instantly. Select any key and change the values as shown in the following screenshot. Skip to main content. Explore RedisInsight v2. There is no need to install the. You will need a hostname, port and password to run this for a cloud database.

Create a free Cloud account Step 2.

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How to Install and Configure Redis on Windows