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A trace of death book pdf free download

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When he was sure the coast was clear, he edged out into the street. Soon he merged with the mid-afternoon Southern California traffic, just another commuter blending in, trying to navigate his way in a sea of humanity. As the most junior detective in the West Los Angeles Pacific Division Missing Persons Unit, she was expected to work harder than anyone else in the division. And as a thirty-five-year-old woman who'd only joined the force four years ago, she often felt like she was supposed to be the hardest-working cop in the entire LAPD.

She couldn't afford to look like she was taking a break. All around her, the department buzzed with activity. An elderly Hispanic woman was sitting at a nearby desk, giving a statement about a purse snatching.

Down the hall, a carjacker was being booked. It was a typical afternoon in what had become her new normal of a life.

And yet that recurring urge was eating at her, refusing to be ignored. She gave in to it. She stood up and wandered over to the window that looked out on Culver Boulevard.

She stood there and could nearly see her reflection. With the dancing glare from the afternoon sun, she looked part human, part ghost. That was how she felt. She knew that objectively, she was an attractive woman. Five foot six and about pounds if she was being honest-with dirty blonde hair and a figure that had escaped childbirth relatively unscathed, she still turned heads.

But if anyone looked closely, they'd see that her brown eyes were red and bleary, her forehead was a knotted mass of premature lines, and her skin often had the pallor of, well, a ghost.

Like most days, she was wearing a simple blouse tucked into black slacks and black flats that looked professional but were easy to run in. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. It was her unofficial uniform. Pretty much the only thing that changed daily was the color of the top she wore. It all reinforced her feeling that she was marking time more than really living. Keri sensed movement out of the corner of her eye and snapped out of her reverie.

They were coming. Outside the window, Culver Boulevard was mostly devoid of people. There was a running and biking path across the street. On most days in the late afternoon, it was choked with foot traffic. But it was relentlessly hot today, with temperatures in the high nineties and no breeze at all, even here, less than five miles from the beach. Parents who normally walked their kids home from school took their air-conditioned cars today.

Except for one. At exactly , just like clockwork, a young girl on a bike, about seven or eight years old, pedaled slowly down the path. She wore a fancy white dress. Her youngish mom trailed behind her in jeans and a T-shirt, with a backpack slung casually over her shoulder.

Keri fought the anxiety bubbling in her stomach and looked around to see if anyone in the office was watching her. No one was. She allowed herself to give in to the itch she'd tried not to scratch all day and stared. Keri watched them with jealous, adoring eyes. She still couldn't believe it, even after so many times at this window. The girl was the spitting image of Evie, right down to the wavy blond hair, the green eyes, even the slightly crooked smile. She stood there in a trance, staring out the window long after the mother and child had disappeared from sight.

When she finally snapped out of it and turned back to the bullpen, the elderly Hispanic woman was leaving. The carjacker had been processed. Some new miscreant, cuffed and surly, had slid into his spot at the booking window, an alert uniformed officer standing at his left elbow.

She glanced up at the digital clock on the wall above the coffee machine. It read Have I really been standing at that window for ten solid minutes? This is getting worse, not better. She walked back to her desk with her head down, trying not to make eye contact with any curious co-workers. She sat and looked at the files on her desk.

The Martine case was largely wrapped up, just waiting for a sign-off from the prosecutor before she could dump it in the "complete until trial" cabinet. The Sanders case was on hold until CSU came back with its preliminary report. Rampart division had asked Pacific to look into a prostitute named Roxie who had dropped off the radar; a co-worker had told them she'd started working the Westside and they were hoping someone in her unit could confirm that so they didn't have to open a file.

The tricky thing with missing persons cases, at least for adults, was that it wasn't a crime to disappear. Police had more leeway with minors, depending on the age.

But in general, there was nothing to prevent people from simply dropping out of their lives. It happened more often than most people would expect. Without some evidence of foul play, law enforcement was limited in what they could legally do to investigate. Because of that, cases like Roxie's often fell through the cracks in the system.

Sighing in resignation, Keri realized that barring something extraordinary, there was really no reason to stick around beyond five. She closed her eyes and pictured herself, less than an hour from now, kicking back on her houseboat, Sea Cups , pouring herself three fingers-okay, four-of Glenlivet and settling in to an evening of leftover Chinese takeout and a few reruns of Scandal. If that personalized therapy didn't pan out, she might end up back on Dr.

Blanc's couch, an unappealing alternative. She had started to pack up her files for the day when Ray walked in and plopped himself in the chair across the large desk they shared. Ray was officially Detective Raymond "Big" Sands, her partner of nearly a year now and her friend for closer to seven. He matched his nickname in every way. Ray Keri never called him "Big"-he didn't need the ego stroking was a six-foot-four, pound black guy with a shiny bald head, a chipped lower tooth, a meticulously trimmed goatee, and a penchant for wearing dress shirts a size too small for him, just to emphasize his build.

Forty years old now, Ray still resembled the bronze-medal-winning Olympic boxer he'd been at age twenty and the professional heavyweight contender, with a record of , he'd been until the age of twenty-eight. That was when a scrappy little southpaw five inches shorter than him took out his right eye with a vicious hook and brought everything to a screeching halt.

He wore a patch for two years afterward, didn't like the discomfort, and finally got a glass eye, which somehow worked for him. Like Keri, Ray joined the Force later than most, when he was searching for a new purpose in his early thirties.

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Excellent people and a compelling plot. There are just enough contrasts to keep the reader guessing and wanting more. Looking forward to reading more stories in this series. Keri Locke doggedly followed clues hoping to find the missing girl.

Haunted by the abduction of her own daughter, she not only breaks the rules, disobeys her commanding officer, but she acts without regard to the law as she continues her relentless search for the Senator's missing daughter. At times she even leaves her partner Ray out of her pursuit plans. Can she and Ray survive being viciously attacked while saving the girl who was being tortured? Still obsessed with finding her daughter, Keri buries her grief into her cases. When a routine call from a worried mother strikes a cord with Keri.

Ashley is the daughter of a prominent California senator and is hiding secrets, as teenagers do. But Keri feels there is something more than just a teenager keeping secrets. When all the evidence points to a runaway, Keri is ordered off the case. Despite the pressures from her superiors, the media, and all trails growing cold, Keri refuses to let go. She knows that she only has 48 hours for any chance to bring Ashley home safe and sound.

Will she find Ashley in time? A Trace of Death is a fast-paced thriller which I read in one day. It was an easy read without overly complicated clues and misdirections. Keri is a typical cop who is tormented by personal issues that haunt her but makes her a brilliant detective. I particularly enjoyed the camaraderie between Keri and her partner, Ray, a former boxer turned cop.

There were a few exchanges between the two that I laughed at and could see happening between friends. Overall, I enjoyed A Trace of Death. It was a nice, easy afternoon read. If you enjoy mystery thrillers, you will enjoy A Trace of Death. A Trace of Death is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook. I was pulled in from the beginning. Impressed with the characters and their tenacious spirit. If you enjoy intrigue with loads of twists and turns, read the book. I can't wait to get into the next book!

She is also the mother of a girl who was kidnapped five years earlier and never recovered. She, although she is well partnered, tends to be a lone wolf and rule breaker.

Her dysfunctionality tends to work for her but also puts her into untenable situations that she, remarkably, walks or crawls away from. This time she is searching for the fifteen year old daughter of a Senator and his wife.

Everyone is hiding something and almost everyone has an agenda. Thanks to the author and publisher for an e-galley for an honest review.

I really enjoyed the intense and edgy storyline. The characters were intriguing and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. This author gives free Kindles book for the first book in each of his series. This man could be a good author but he needs a new template. Each book had a female law enforcement officer as the main character, each one of which was an outside the box operator, not popular with fellow officers, clairvoyant or with some special sense of evil minds and with some traumatic event in their past that affects the way they approach their current case.

When you have read one you have read them all. I quite liked the Riley Paige series and so downloaded Keri Locke 1 and 2. Afraid this one is not so great.

Good in parts - but, unfortunately, Keri is not very likeable, thoroughly unprofessional and somehow manages to endlessly run around on about a half hour's sleep. That one was a female detective who had been playing with her little sister when she was abducted - this one was mother in a park with her daughter and an abduction. The other thing I found a bit unrealistic and someone may tell me that they think this is quite normal for US cops is that, over a few hours, she violently assaults several male suspects.

Her boss gets to know about them - but doesn't suspend her. She's out of control and behaving more like a vigilante than a professional and yet it's all ok.

I'm not surprised her colleagues didn't look her in the eye when she walked in the precinct. I think I'm just a bit fed up of the template of "driven female cop, overcoming all odds and single handedly saving the day with virtually no evidence - just "knowing" where to find the perp". And not sure how her partner, Ray, could get to be a Detective when he has only one eye and lost it before he joined the force and I think the author might want to have a look at the book's last page where Ray is smiling at her "his warm eyes twinkling".

Was the light shining off the glass one, perhaps? As I've already got book 2 I'll give it a go In my opinion, it was a really quick and easy read and for the most part, enjoyable. However, lets talk about what I can only describe as the flawed characterisation. Protagonist is Keri Locke, A fairly new missing persons detective who is completely out of control. She disobeys pretty much every order she is given, bends the law to suit her needs, and still manages to win everyone over.

After Keri had entered one too many houses without warrants, been violent towards suspects including a minor , found the physical strength to fight men twice her size, disobeyed orders by those in higher positions and even clocked onto duty after consuming alcohol, it was almost impossible to connect to, or respect her as a character.

In all honestly I cant say her partner Ray was much better. He made fare too many excuses for Keri and rather than protecting her by warning the police of her intentions, he simply joins her or even leads her down similar routes. It was a typical cliche police procedural ending that was extremely rushed and simply came across as messy. I found myself rolling my eyes, and was disappointed with the outcome.

I also really disliked the idea of something that was mentioned at the end which I assume will happen in book 2. On a positive note, A Trace of Death was a fast paced thriller that kept me entertained and excited throughout with just enough tension to keep me reading. One person found this helpful. Ashley Penn is two hours late home from school; her heiress mother Mia immediately calls the LAPD as she thinks her innocent, well-behaved golf-starlet daughter must have been abducted, even though no ransom note has been received and her husband Senator Stafford Penn thinks Ashley's just being a normal teen.

When it turns out Ashley's been 'off the rails' for quite a while in secret, the desperate Mom insists Officer Keri Locke is reinstated as lead in the case - she can empathise with Mia Penn, as her own daughter Evie was taken 5 years earlier and never returned!

What secret is the Penn family keeping? Is Ashley the only victim - and will Keri, or even Ray be the next? The fine-tuned well-executed plot, in supreme story-constructor Blake Pierce's novel, will keep you on the edge of your seat with its many twists and turns, that showcase engaging, well-rounded characters and believable plot development, enticing and holding the reader spellbound from start to finish - I loved it! Having read and enjoyed previous Blake Pierce novels, this one was a complete disappointment.

It's got the typically same synopsis where the main character has to prove herself to colleagues that are not fond of her, however she is far too hot headed and snarly. Going on instinct alone is a little bit unrealistic to stick to a case. The editing of the book is also not done very well with a few spelling mistakes and the characters names getting mixed up. Report an issue. Does this item contain inappropriate content?

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