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Dji battery killer download

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DJI batteries have a small processor that increases their life during storage and use. It monitors the amount of charge in the battery so that it minimises the risk of over or under-charging your drone battery. Sometimes, the processing unit errs on the side of caution and stops your battery from working.

In this instance, you will be able to revive your battery. However, sometimes the battery is dead because of a breakdown of the internal lithium polymer chemistry and will need to be replaced. Unlike other drone batteries like those seen in racing drones the DJI batteries are manufactured to fit snugly into the drone and each has a small processor that runs on the battery power that is constantly monitoring the state of the battery.

The current drawn from the processor means that the battery will continue to deplete quicker than other non-smart batteries. The lock limit of 2 V per cell indicates to the processor that the battery should be placed into a permanent failure state. If your drone battery is dead after a long time of storage you may use special software to revive your drone as long as the cell voltages have not dropped to 0.

The battery can still be recovered as long as you cannot see any swollen parts of the casing and the recharge counter is not above cycles. If you want to try to revive a DJI battery that has been in storage for too long here is what you can try. You should not attempt to fix your dead DJI battery if it is showing any signs of damage or bulging. Trying to fix a drone battery that is visibly damaged may cause an explosion.

You can also try using a different charger. Here is how you revive a drone battery with a hard reset. You will need to open up the plastic casing of the drone battery and record the polarity of the battery using a multimeter. There are many examples on online forums of reviving a drone battery. For example, Richard on a DJI forum board was able to revive his dead battery using the process below. Richard on DJI forums. Use chopsticks or other non-metal tools to remove the connection.

If you are going to attempt to hard reset your battery, be sure to test it thoroughly before sending it out for a full flight. Charging the DJI battery in different ways can help provide a seemingly dead smart battery. The two proven methods that have worked in forums and online are not using the charging hub and connecting the battery directly to a charger with alligator clips. Try and charge your drone battery using the officially supplied DJI battery charger and not the hub which can accommodate multiple drone batteries.

Other drone users have been able to resurrect their DJI battery from the dead by making a jumper lead with two alligator clips. Disconnected the balance plug. Made a jumper with 2 alligator clips. Jumpered the ground from the charge jack to the ground on the cells large black wires. Charged the batteries for 10 minutes as if they were ni-cads. Took them off charge, and plugged the balance plug back in. Hi everyone. On February 24, , the army of the Russian Federation has now officially invaded our country and is killing Ukrainians.

The server is intermittent due to a power outage. Hang in there, mixeysan. Otherwise, we in Poland are next. I am having the same exact problems. Getting both of these errors. Batteries were in storage for a long time when I bought my used drone Mavic 2 Pro , and now some of them seem to be dead no LEDs at all , but some work fine.

They are the same age, so I think the cells are OK but they were in hibernation mode for too long, but I can't bring them out of it. Try to give battery extra power 12v same time when using battery killer software. Change the pad between the chair and the ass - then it might work. PS The program is free, I don't know what you spent money on. Dear mefistotelis , close or delete this topic on your project forum.

Mixeysan - First, your childish comment, "Change the pad between the chair and the ass - then it might work. Cut the crap and act adult. Second, your comment "PS The program is free, I don't know what you spent money on.

Can I ask you what equipment you spent the money on, the CP? Isn't it funny for you to write about this? At least people have the program working the number of people in our group , supposedly it doesn't work for you, so who's the fool?

PS It seems to me that you are either Patrick's trb second nickname or someone else who is offended by life and doing dirty tricks to others. FWIW once I got a cp this software worked amazingly well and I was able to bring back 3 spark batteries from the the dead! Thanks for the great tool! Can someone send me a copy of DjiBatteryKiller? I get one but it does not work and master-club. However, this only worked in combination with a Raspberry Pi. Now the battery works again.

In any case, it is not an easy undertaking. I am a mechatronics engineer in the development industry and it was not an easy undertaking for me either.

I keep my fingers crossed for you. Skip to content. Star New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link. All reactions. Thanks you very much! To make things clear: O-Gs are neither endorsing nor testing the 'Dji battery killer' tool by mixeysan. I can't find it on the download link All reactions.

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