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Download viber messages to pc

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And after the task completes, you will see Viber on your PC full of previous content. Have an iPhone and want to create a copy of its Viber messages onto your computer? OK, you can do this with a single click via Viber Transfer. After the quick and smooth backup, you can restore the stuff with no data loss. Proceed to launch the Viber Transfer program on your computer after the download and installation. Click "Backup".

The utility will start backing up your Viber messages automatically. Now, don't disconnect the device when the process is on. Tips: After the backup, you can restore the Viber backup easily. To use Email, the built-in options on your device, we should first fix how to export Viber chat to Email and then send the stuff to your PC. Google Drive is commonly used on Android devices.

You should find the Viber backup listed now. Viber also offers you the option to backup your messages on your device, but not on a PC. If you are searching for a way to copy your Viber messages to your PC, so you can restore from PC to iPhone or Android device, this guide should teach you how to do that. If you would prefer using the built-in options on your device to backup your Viber messages to your PC, you may use the export chat history option to have your messages exported as a backup to your PC via an email.

Basically, what you are going to do is you are going to create a backup of your Viber messages and then you will email it to your own email address. It is as simple as that and the following is how you do it on your device. Step 1. Launch the Viber app on your device and tap on More followed by Settings to launch the Viber settings menu on your device. Step 2. When the settings menu opens, find and tap on the option that says Calls and Messages to open another menu screen. Step 3.

On the screen that follows, you will find an option saying Email Message History. Tap on the option and it will let you send your messages as a backup to your PC. Step 4. A new email will be composed in your chosen email app. Enter your own email address in the To field and send off the email. Step 5. Launch your email account on your PC and download the Viber messages available in your inbox.

If you have a large number of messages to be backed up and you do not have access to a stable Internet connection, or the Viber Email message history not showing, you cannot use the above method to get the job done. Fortunately, there is an app called AnyTrans that allows you to easily and quickly copy Viber messages from your smartphone over to your PC.

It is fast, efficient, and is much better to use than the previous method. Here are a few reasons why you, as a Viber user, should consider using this app to create the backup of your messages:. If you would like to see how the Viber messages are backed up using AnyTrans, the following should help you. Download the latest version of AnyTrans and install it on your computer. Connect your device to your computer and launch the app.

Free Download. When the app launches, choose the option that says Social Messages Manager on the left control panel. On the following screen, click on the dropdown menu at the top and select the Viber icon and tap on Backup Up Now to start backing up your messages.

If you would like to add a password to your backup file, tap Enable Password Protection. It is optional, though. Then tap on Next button. Wait while your messages are being transferred to your PC and the Viber backup is created on your PC.

If there is no computer beside you and you also want to backup Viber messages, this method is suitable for you.

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Take a look at our Supported Platforms to see if your desktop version is supported. Some chat features may not be available on desktop. Step 1: Before you begin. To activate Viber on your desktop, make sure that you have the following:. Step 2: Download Viber on your computer.

This may take a few minutes. If you receive the following error: EVR. Notes Links to download Viber for Linux are available under the Need another version?

Step 3: Sync Viber with your phone. Once Viber is installed on your computer, you can begin to sync it with your phone. Notes If you do not see a screen with a QR code after completing the installation, you may need to check that all necessary ports are open on your computer. Did this answer your question? Yes x-icon No Thanks for your feedback! Thanks for your feedback!

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Please indicate your request priority:. Regular backups help ensure that your Viber history is safe, even if something happens to your phone. Android or iOS. There is no way to transfer the chat history between the two platforms. Before you begin: connect to the cloud. To backup your chat history, you must first make sure that Viber is connected to either your Google Drive Android or Apple iCloud iPhone.

Make sure that Viber is switched ON. Manually backup your chat history. Manually backing up your chat history will take time and data, so make sure that you are connected to a stable wifi network:. Notes If you have a new phone or reinstalled Viber, you will need to restore your chat history. Automatically backup your chat history. To ensure that your chat history is always up to date, we recommend a daily auto backup of your data. Select if you want your Photos and Videos to also be backed up.

Notes iPhone : auto backup will only be performed when you are connected to wifi. Android : you can choose auto backup to be performed when connected to cellular data. What will be backed up? Chat history text messages, and photos and videos if selected Groups and Communities memberships Profile information Purchased stickers Viber Out subscriptions and plans. Did this answer your question? Yes x-icon No Thanks for your feedback! Thanks for your feedback!

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How to Recover/Restore Viber Messages, Photos and Videos - Viber Chat History Backup 2022

WebOpen Viber on your phone Tap on More Tap on Settings Tap on Account Tap on Viber Backup Tap on Settings in the Not connected to Google Drive section Select an account .