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Customer management software free download

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There's an entire marketing suite, including email marketing, landing pages, and basic forms. You can create and manage your own website using HubSpot's content management system, handle support tickets and set up live chat and chatbots with the service suite, and review traffic analytics and SEO tools to optimize your channels. The free plan will serve you for a long time. And once you do decide to upgrade, there are multiple tiers to choose from, depending on the focus of your business.

Learn more: 6 ways to automate business processes in HubSpot. Capsule Web, iOS, Android. I didn't know you could fall for an app at first sight, but that's what happened when I started testing Capsule. The interface looks great and works even better. And the fact that it doesn't have a ton of features like some of its competition keeps the navigation simple and to the point. This ease of use supports Capsule's "best for" label too.

The project management functionality resembles that of a true project management platform, with enough depth to keep everything on track. It has a calendar view, Kanban view, and list view, and a dashboard that shows you the tasks for the day and what's coming next�it really takes the overwhelm out of your daily tasks.

There's only one sales pipeline on the free plan. It comes with a Kanban view for visual tracking, a filterable list view, and a dashboard view displaying pipeline forecast, status by milestone, conversion rate, and a grouping of pipeline tags. In the end, the metrics that Capsule offers make up for some of the limitations.

You can connect Capsule to thousands of apps via Zapier no coding skills required so that all your important business workflows run in the background. Import sales opportunities or projects, send automatic notifications, and more. Here's how this love story ends: Capsule will only let you use its free plan as long as you stay below its contact limit. But when you're willing to invest, getting on the lowest-paid plan will bump that to 50,, as well as lift the limit on your sales pipelines and project views.

If you can't figure out how to create your free account, that's because it's a little hidden: scroll down on the pricing page and click Get started. Vtiger Web, iOS, Android. As a free CRM for small business, Vtiger has a robust feature set wrapped in an easy-to-use and speedy user interface. And it's free for 10 users, 3, contacts, and 1, email sends per month�pretty generous for a free plan.

Of course, there will come a time when Vtiger brings in decent ROI, and you'll want to double down on your CRM strategy, moving to a paid plan. If your team is expanding and is organized by departments, it makes sense to set up these privileges and save based on what they need to do or access. As for the platform itself, Vtiger had the most detailed onboarding checklist of any app I tested, assigning me a total of 32 simple tasks that, when complete, gave me a pretty good idea of everything I could do.

The help doesn't end there: every time you visit a new screen for the first time, a help video pops out at the bottom-left: click play, and you can explore the features yourself.

Vtiger doesn't have a big top-level menu with lots of buttons, opting instead for focusing on what's happening on the current screen. So, where are the other features? When you click on the hamburger icon on the top-left of the screen, you can access everything:.

The marketing suite, offering a landing page builder and a full email marketing platform, with campaigns, contact segmentation, and basic email analytics.

Service help desk, including a list of cases and a place to handle appointments. Vtiger comes with 18 pre-made reports you can generate with a couple of clicks.

If these don't yield the insights you're looking for, you can build your own reports in a step-by-step wizard. You can also set up a lead scoring feature called Profile Score, letting you give points to a contact based on their characteristics. Connect Vtiger to Zapier so it can talk to all the other apps your team uses. Do things like automatically add an opportunity when someone posts to your company's Facebook feed or completes a lead form.

Vtiger price : Free plan includes 10 users and 3, contacts. When you're just starting out or trying to get established in a new market, you can't leverage referrals or inbound marketing as much. This is when prospecting and reaching out to leads is crucial to securing new business.

If you use LinkedIn on a daily basis, Snov. So now you have a good list of people you want to reach out to. What's next? Alternatively, you can set up a drip campaign built on a visual editor, with customizable rules on how many emails to send, how much time to wait between each one, and conditional triggers for when the recipient clicks on a link.

Since there's no previous relationship between you and your prospects, there's a possibility that your email may get caught in spam filters. It also has lots of tips on the platform to improve your deliverability, and to keep your sending reputation intact�for example, not sending to invalid email inboxes and not repeating sends for email addresses that bounced your message.

Even with all that, everything throughout the app feels pretty straightforward. You get credits per month, and each new lead or verification costs 1 credit. There's also a recipient limit on email drip campaigns per month, but that only applies to the first email sent to a contact�all subsequent ones for the month are free. Do more with Snov. Here are a few examples to get started. If Gmail is the base for all your business communication, you're in luck. You don't have to install a separate app or even give up the interface you've grown so used to.

Streak doesn't just integrate with Gmail: it fits seamlessly into the original interface, adding the buttons and features of a powerful CRM. To get started, you have to download and install the Streak browser extension. With that out of the way, all you have to do is give Streak permission to access your Gmail account�necessary to enable all the features�and walk through the simple configuration process, with an introductory video to all the features sitting at the end.

Unlike other options on this list, Streak's interface feels more like Google Sheets. The sales pipelines have the stages at the top, and below the graphical representation, there's a spreadsheet where you can see your contacts, add relevant details, and move them through the pipeline. This approach may feel a bit strange at first, but after you add your first contact and see how the app handles it, things will click into place quickly.

You can add new contacts from emails in your inbox and assign them to any active pipeline you have. If you click on the contact's email on that column, the entire history will appear, letting you take a look at the whole relationship so far.

In addition to the standard pipeline, there are multiple pipeline templates for use cases spanning sales to HR. You can start from one of those or create your own. This is great if you do more than sales�for example, if you're also hiring or looking for partnerships. Another useful extra is email tracking. When your recipient opens the email, a message pops up on your screen. It even keeps a record of the tracking history, showing the email views by date and location.

Streak doesn't offer any integrations on the free plan; it also doesn't have any deep reporting and analytics features, which is a definite drawback. If you ever upgrade to a paid plan, you can integrate Streak with Zapier to be sure all your CRM info is up to date and all your critical workflows are running in the background.

It's not fair that Gmail users get all the love with their own integrated CRM, is it? Faithful Outlook users rejoice: eWay-CRM will augment your email inbox with plenty of useful features to keep track of contacts, projects, deals, and notes. And it's free for unlimited users and contacts. To use eWay, you have to create your account and download the installation file�it's meant to be used as an Outlook add-on for the desktop version. If you use Outlook on the web version, you're out of luck.

After you complete the installation, you'll notice some top menus on Outlook change to accommodate the new features that eWay offers. When you click to create a contact, a new window appears with all the fields ready to be filled.

After you type in the details, your contacts will sit on a list accessible from within Outlook, with an Excel-like look and functionality. You can then customize which fields you want to see in columns, and filter, sort, or reorganize as you want. One of things I liked most is how it improves the right-click menu in Outlook: you can convert anything in your inbox to a contact, task, project, or note, saving you the time of tabbing out to your project management or enterprise platform to enter the details manually.

This is a testament to how eWay isn't setting out to impose a new working logic�it's instead building on the things you actually do every day on Outlook.

There's no visual sales pipeline here. All your deals will appear in a list as if you're tracking them in Excel. You can right-click the deal status column and select Group by to organize them. It will reorganize with toggle lists, letting you show or hide each deal stage, which provides decent visibility, considering we're doing all this inside Outlook. There are no sparkling dashboards, but you can use your Excel skills to Group by then sort and filter to create your own reports.

If that's not enough, eWay can export the data to the actual Excel app so you can put the data magicians in your department to work. Here are a few ways you can get started, but you can automate processes across your entire tech stack. If you're used to managing your leads and customers the traditional way, with notebooks and spreadsheets, hopping on a free CRM system will streamline your systems and help move your work forward.

It's also the beginning of building a body of data that you can analyze, giving you better insights about your business, helping you increase your impact.

Give a few of these free CRM tools a spin. Before committing, be sure you take a good look at the pricing pages. Each app approaches "free" a little differently, so make sure you have everything you need on the free plan, and that the upgraded pricing model matches your budget.

CRM integration: How to get the most out of your investment. CRM automation to boost your team's productivity. This article was originally published in December by Matthew Guay and has had contributions from Chris Hawkins. The most recent update was in November Miguel Rebelo is a freelance writer based in London, UK. He loves technology, video games, and huge forests.

Track him down at mirebelo. Zapier Early Access Be the first to try new products. Zapier Transfer beta. Move bulk data on demand. Zapier Tables beta. No-code databases built for Zaps. Zapier Interfaces alpha. Custom pages to power your Zaps. Contact Sales Explore app integrations. By role. Marketing Business owners IT Sales operations. By workflow. Lead management Customer communications Internal processes Data management.

By company size. Learn more. Blog Zapier University Webinars Customer stories. Get help. Log in Sign up. Home App picks Best apps Best apps 18 min read. How we evaluate and test apps All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. Add new Engagebay contacts to a Mailchimp list as subscribers. Try it. EngageBay Marketing, Mailchimp.

Add new Shopify customers to EngageBay as contacts. Shopify, EngageBay Marketing. Send emails in Gmail when new contacts are added on Bitrix Bitrix24 CRM, Gmail. Add Bitrix24 deals from new Facebook Lead Ads leads.

Facebook Lead Ads, HubSpot. Send new Google Contacts to HubSpot. You can even customize it to match with your company branding. Make a change in your customer management and provide your customers with the best you can.

CRM system enables your agents to segment customers as well as view past information about them. The customer communication is smoother, and thus, it can give any size business an advantage over competitors. A great free customer management software unifies email, calls, customer portal , and live chat communication in one universal inbox. Besides, it includes some basic reports regarding the overall customer service performance, Ticket history, Internal tickets, Custom tags, and the ability to merge and split tickets.

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Send me product updates and other promotional offers. Create account for FREE. Benefits of free customer management software. One place of contact. Satisfied customers. Increase in productivity. Customer management with LiveAgent. List of features in the free LiveAgent account. Sign up for FREE. Free plan. Paid plan. No limitations Plenty of useful features Social media accounts Full message history and much more�. Free live chat. Free ticketing system. Free call center.

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WebLooking for a free customer management software? LiveAgent is the right choice for you business. You get to enjoy a free account forever and access essential features for Missing: download. WebCustomer Management System is a software module that manages customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle between the customer and the company. . WebBest Customer Management Software, Customer Management Software Free, Customer Management Software for Small Business, Customer Management .