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Active and passive voice exercises with answers pdf download update to windows 10 64 bit

Active and passive voice exercises with answers pdf download

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While the active voice makes writing precise, the passive voice is used when the action is more important, or the subject is not known. Our active and passive voice exercises are carried on the power of repeated practice in converting sentences from active to passive and passive to active involving various tenses, two objects, modals and more. Begin your learning journey with some of our free, active and passive voice worksheets!

Give students a chance to take a shot at identifying active and passive voices with this pdf. Students are expected to figure out which of the 10 sentences are active and which ones are passive. Let the talent-spotted students enhance their practice with this converting sentences from active to passive voice exercise filled with sentences in simple present and present progressive tenses.

Active and Passive Voice Chart. This printable active and passive voice chart for grade 6 students captures the essence of active-passive learning.

It defines the concept, and tells how to form passive from different tenses. Task learners in 6th grade and 7th grade with changing past simple and past progressive sentences into passive, and let not the active-passive vagaries befall their writing.

Continue your streak of great work with this printable active to passive voice conversion exercise. Write the passive voice for sentences in simple future, and exponentially upgrade your learning.

Change the Voice Different Tenses. Watch the 8th grade scholars surprise you in this exercise on converting active to passive voice. Replete with sentences of mixed tenses, this set gives practice in forming passive-voice sentences. Let the grade 8 go-getters be in the slipstream of the great example you've set for them, as they attempt writing passive voices for verbs with two objects! A little bit of cautious practice, and they'll be fine.

This passive voice with modals exercise pdf shines light on converting sentences with modal verbs into passive and take your active-passive preparation to its zenith. View Answer. Ans: A Tea is not liked by her. Question: 3 Mr Anand teaches us science.

A Science was teaching us by Mr Anand. B Science is taught us by Mr Anand. C Science was taught us by Mr Anand. D We are taught science by Mr Anand. Ans: D We are taught science by Mr Anand. Question: 4 I heard Mukesh once. A Mukesh was heard by me once. B Mukesh has heard by me once. C Mukesh is heard by me once. Ans: A Mukesh was heard by me once.

Question: 5 He hates bad people. A Bad people were hated by him. B Bad people have hated by him. C Bad people is hated by him.

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P touch ql 550 software download Active: We saw them come. The hot movies download thing is what happened, not who did it. Task learners in 6th grade and 7th grade with changing past simple and past progressive sentences into passive, and let not the active-passive vagaries befall their writing. Question: 1 The doctor had examined click. Members have exclusive facilities to download an individual worksheet, or an entire level.
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Passive : A poem is being written by me. Active : Please post the letter. Passive : You are requested to post the letter. Active : Shut the door. Passive : Let the door be shut. Active : Did the mechanic fix your car? Passive : Was your car fixed by the mechanic? Active : I received a phone call. Passive : A phone call was received by me. Active : We call the tiger our national animal. Passive : The tiger is called our national animal by us. Active : Someone wrote this letter in the nineteenth century.

Passive : This letter was written by someone in the nineteenth century. Active : You should do your homework. Passive : Your homework should be done by you. Active : They gave each of the participants a handsome prize. Passive : Each of the participants was given a handsome prize by them. Active : They are painting their house. Passive : Their house is being painted. Active : Can you do this exercise?

Passive : Can this exercise be done by you? Active : Lock the door. Passive : Let the door be locked. Or, You are ordered to lock the door. Active : Who taught you the active and passive sentences?

Passive : By whom were you taught the active and passive sentences? Active : Ashim knows the solution to this problem. Passive : The solution to this problem is known to Ashim. Active : I had written a letter. Passive : A letter had been written by me. Active : Father snatched the letter away from Swami.

Passive : The letter was snatched away from Swami by father. Active : You must not come late to class. Passive : You are ordered not to come late to class. Active : Who has taught you to play the piano? Passive : By whom have you been taught to play the piano?

Active : Akhtar likes tea. Passive : Tea is liked by Akhtar. Active : Someone has stolen my bag. Passive : My bag has been stolen. Active : The students will have written the poster. Passive : The poster will have been written by the students. Active : Who has seen the wind? Passive : By whom has the wind been seen? Active : In ancient Egypt, the body of a Pharaoh was preserved after his death. Active : Who wrote the letter? Passive : By whom was the letter written? Active : On his way to a prayer meeting someone had shot Gandhiji.

Passive : Gandhiji had been shot on his way to a prayer meeting. Active : The policeman locked him in a room in the police station. Passive : He was locked in a room in the police station by the policeman. Active : How did you find that out? Passive : How was that found out by you?

Active : Is he not speaking the truth? Passive : Is not truth being spoken by him? Active : The teacher teaches us English. Passive : We are taught English by the teacher. Active : We should listen to our elders. Passive : Our elders should be listened to by us. Active : We pasted gold tinsel stars all over it. Passive : Gold tinsel stars were pasted all over it by us. Active : The stone feels rough. Passive : The stone is rough when it is felt. Active : He requested me to do the work. Passive : I was requested by him to do the work.

Active : Someone cut the fish into two halves. Passive : The fish was cut into two halves. Active : Who is singing this song? Passive : By whom is this song being sung? Active : Keep the ball rolling. Passive : You are ordered to keep the ball rolling. Active : You must write the answers on one side of the paper only. Passive : The answers must be written by you on one side of the paper only. Active : The people are constructing a bridge. Passive : A bridge is being constructed by the people.

Active : Why do we love it so much? Passive : Why is it loved by us so much? Active : One is to pity the poor. Passive : Let the poor be pitied. Active : Flying kites provide us with all sorts of fun. Passive : We are provided with all sorts of fun by flying kites. Active : You should buy the essential books immediately.

Passive : The essential books should be bought by you immediately. Active : Mend your shoes. Passive : Let your shoes be mended.

Active : I want a storybook to read. Passive : A storybook is wanted by me to read. Active : People chop down and tear us up. Passive : We are chopped down and torn up. Active : The black oak bark will wrinkle over you.

Passive : You will be wrinkled over by the black oak bark. Active : Can you change the voice? Passive : Can the voice be changed by you? Present simple passive exercises PDF. Present continuous passive exercises PDF. Future simple passive exercises PDF. Present perfect passive exercises PDF. Passive voice exercise 1 complete Complete sentences with verbs in brackets. Passive voice exercise 2 choose A multiple choice test. Passive voice exercise 3 all forms Make passive sentences with jumbled words.

Passive voice exercise 4 questions Complete passive voice questions. Passive voice exercise 5 story Part 1: Complete a crime story. Part 2: Ask questions about a bank robbery.

Active to passive voice 6 all tenses Change the active voice to passive voice. Active to passive voice 7 rewrite Rewrite sentences in the passive. Passive voice exercise 9 two objects Rewrite sentences with direct and indirect objects. Passive voice rules PDF Grammar rules with examples to download for free.

Present simple and continuous passive: The car is repaired. The car is being repaired. Past simple and continuous passive: The car was repaired. The car was being repaired. Present perfect passive: The car has just been repaired. Past perfect passive: The car had been repaired. Future simple passive: The car will be repaired.

Future perfect passive: The car will have been repaired. Present and perfect conditional passive: The car would be repaired. The car would have been repaired. The passive voice in English is formed with the verb to be and the past participle, which is different for regular verbs translated, mended and irregular verbs taken, thrown. Statement: The letter is written. This shop has been opened. It will be done in time. Question: Is the letter written?

Has the shop been opened? Will it be done in time? Negative: The letter is not written. The shop has not been opened. It will not be done in time. The continuous is as follows. Other continuous tenses are normally used in the active voice, not in the passive. Present: A new house is being built in our street. Past: A new house was being built in our street.

In all the examples above the agent is not mentioned. We do not know who has written the letter or opened the shop. Similarly: Flowers were planted in the garden. We do not know who did it. If we want to say who planted the flowers we mention the agent at the end of the sentence and use the preposition by.

The flowers were planted by my mother. But: The window was smashed with a stone. The stone is not the agent. We do not know who smashed the window.

We only know how he or she did it. If there are both direct and indirect objects in the active voice My friend sent me a letter , the indirect object my friend , not the direct object a letter , usually becomes the subject in the passive voice. Active: My friend sent me a letter.

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WebActive or Passive voice | Exercises with answers (+PDF) Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page. The following . WebOnline exercises with answers Passive voice exercise 1 (complete) Complete sentences with verbs in brackets. Passive voice exercise 2 (choose) A multiple choice test. . WebActive and Passive Voice PDF Notes and Exercises Active and Passive Voice PDF Notes and Exercises Active and Passive Voice Examples With Answers In this .