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Cambridge checkpoint english coursebook 8 pdf free download

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Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Books to Borrow Open Library. Search the Wayback Machine Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. Sign up for free Log in. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! School Textbooks - English, Science, Mathematics. We also saw the sea sucked away and apparently forced back by the earthquake: at any rate it receded from the shore so that quantities of sea creatures were left stranded on dry sand.

On the landward side a fearful black cloud was rent by forked and quivering bursts of flame, and parted to reveal great tongues of fire, like flashes of lightning magnified in size. Soon afterwards the cloud sank down to earth and covered the sea, spreading over the earth like a flood, as if the universe had been plunged into eternal darkness for evermore.

At last the darkness thinned and dispersed like smoke or cloud; then there was daylight, but yellowish as it is during an eclipse. Everything was changed, buried deep in ashes like snowdrifts. In this activity you will look more closely at the vocabulary in Text 1A.

Explain why you think they are so powerful and memorable. Are they as effective as the original words, and if not, why? Then write them three times each without looking at the word. After that you can check to see if you were right. Write notes which record the main features. Use your own words as far as possible and avoid figurative language. Interview your partner about what they witnessed of the eruption, and make notes of what they say as the basis of your report.

Include direct speech to use as a quotation from the witness. Use the key point below to help you. When you have finished, swap reports with your partner to check for errors, then give it to your teacher. Their comments may be included as direct speech to give drama and variety to the report. From The Fellowship of the Ring by J.

Work on Text 1B in small groups. To help you, pay attention to the rhyme and metre, and the use of alliteration, assonance and antithesis contrast. Then look at the rhyming words. What can you say about the rhyme scheme and metre of the poem?

Text 1C Every night, at exactly eight minutes past nine, it roars through the village. I can see it coming several miles away, its powerful headlight fingering rails and telegraph wires with a shimmer of light. Silently and slowly it seems to draw nearer; then suddenly, it is almost above me. A wild roar of steam and driving wheels, the wail of its hoarse whistle at the crossing, and then, looming black against the night sky, it smashes past, and in the swing of drivers and connecting rods I think of a greyhound, or a racehorse thundering the final stretch.

High in the cab window, a motionless figure peers ahead into the night; suddenly he is blackly silhouetted by the glare of the opened fire-door, and in the orange light I can see the fireman swing back and forth as he feeds his fire. The light burns against the flying steam. UNIT 1 Fire and smoke above; then blackness and now the white windows of the carriages flicker past, and through the swirl of dust and smoke I watch the two red lights sink down the track.

From America at Work by Joseph Husband. Explain in your notebook what effect each one creates and why it is appropriate. Then discuss with a partner which adverbs can be removed from Text 1C without loss of meaning. Erase the brackets if you think the adverb is adding something extra to the description. Key point Role of adverbs Often adverbs are used in a lazy way, that is to say that they are tacked onto a weak verb and the description is less powerful than if a stronger and more precise verb had been selected, making the adverb unnecessary.

Unless the adverb is adding something new to the meaning, they are better not used, especially if they have been used already in the same passage. In good descriptive writing the effectiveness of the description is due to the choice of interesting and unusual verbs and adjectives, and the images they form. Cambridge Checkpoint English 8 Text 1D is adapted from a Sunday Times magazine article about how in ancient times warships were set alight by mirrors.

For the Romans it looked like their easiest battle. They came to invade Syracuse and found soldiers with mirrors. As their boats approached the coast of Sicily the sun came out, a light beam leapt from the shore and their boats burst into flames.

Historians have said nobody then knew enough about optics and mirrors. Archimedes, a Greek born around BC, was famed for his mathematical skills and his ability to use them for building war machines. These included.

For his fellow citizens, however, that would have been trivial compared with a death ray for incinerating the dreaded Romans. There were later examples of the use of the death ray, the first being in 6th-century Constantinople; when the Byzantine capital was besieged by enemy ships, dozens of men holding mirrors set fire to them. Modern scientists have recreated such events under controlled conditions. In a Greek scientist lined up 60 sailors on a quay with large mirrors, from which they reflected light onto a small boat 50 metres away.

The boat was in flames within three minutes. Then check your definitions in a dictionary. Give the rule for how the tense is formed. Why is the first verb in the present perfect tense when the others are in the past simple? Discuss with a partner the rule for using the present perfect tense. Give two examples of your own of sentences which contain verbs in both the past simple and present perfect.

Circle five irregular past participles in Text 1D. Key point Past participles Regular past participles end in -ed, e. Sometimes the form is the same for the past simple and the past participle.

These have to be learnt, which is not difficult as they are the most commonly used verbs. Some have optional forms, one older and one more recent e.

They may not be pronounced the way they are spelt e. The past participle, with had instead of have, is also used to form the past perfect tense.

His father, Iapetus, led a revolt against Zeus, the chief of the new race of gods. Prometheus felt sorry for newly created humans, who had to live on the cold earth, and wanted to give fire to them.

Zeus forbade this, and guarded the entrance to Olympus, the mountain home of the gods, so that Prometheus could not steal it. But the goddess Athena told him of a back entrance, so Prometheus was able to steal fire and smuggle it to humans. Zeus was very angry that Prometheus had disobeyed him, so he ordered that Prometheus be chained to a rock. Every day a great eagle would come to Prometheus and eat his liver, leaving only at nightfall, when the liver would begin to grow back once more. At daybreak, the eagle would return to the chained Prometheus and again attack his liver.

The daily ritual would be repeated for ever. Cherokee myth: The First Fire Every animal that could fly or swim was anxious to go and collect fire from the hollow sycamore tree on an island. The Raven, who was very confident, was sent first. He flew high and far across the water and alighted on the tree. While he was wondering what to do next, the heat scorched all his feathers black, as they are to this day.

He was scared and went back without the fire. The Screech Owl volunteered to go next and reached the place safely.

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Cambridge checkpoint english coursebook 8 pdf free download For instance, the narrator may be pretending to be a child link, or to be unaware of what is really happening. They leaned over me one, two, three their mouths smeared with red currants and their hands dripping with juice. When you are clear about the content of the passage and the meaning of all the words, you are ready to look at the question, followed by a re-reading of the passage. There may be more than one possible answer. Text 1A This unit focuses courseook your house and home environment, and on autobiographical writing. The topics in cambridbe Workbook are linked to the topics in the Pdg. The Coursebook contains:r12 themed units designed to appeal to students aged rrigorous language practice and teaching of key conceptsrcoverage of the " ve framework content areas: Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary; Grammar and Https:// Reading; Writing; Speaking and Listeningrengaging activities to develop reading and writing skillsrintegrated speaking and listening tasks ra full range of stimulus materials, including a wide variety click to see more text types, with " ction and non-" ction from around the worldrkey point downpoad to explain and remind students of important learning points relating to curriculum skillsrtip boxes to give guidance and support click the following article speci" c activities or provide useful informationrattractive, full-colour artworks and photographs.
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Medical books free download pdf format Then write a sentence containing the verb you have selected. Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics Coursebook 8. This unit focuses on your house and home environment, and on autobiographical writing. Cambridge Checkpoint Science: Workbook 8. Report your ideas back to the class. He looked as though tomorrow was his enemy.

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This lively stage 8 Coursebook contains 12 themed units providing comprehensive coverage of the revised Cambridge Secondary 1 syllabus. As the core component in this suite, this title includes coverage of the five content areas Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and Listening. Additional features include rigorous language practice and teaching of key concepts, engaging activities to develop reading and writing skills, integrated speaking and listening tasks and a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts from around the world.

Designed to be used alongside the Cambridge Checkpoint English Coursebook 8, this accessible, write-in workbook provides exercises to help students build on the skills taught in the Coursebook, for differentiation, and further practice in the classroom or at home. The 12 themed units mirror the structure and content of the Coursebook, and answers to the exercises are included on the Teacher's Resource CD-ROM, which is available separately.

Written by well-respected authors, the suite provides a comprehensive, structured resource which covers the full Cambridge Secondary 1 framework and seamlessly progresses into the next stage.

This engaging course supports teaching of the Science framework both theoretically and practically, with full coverage of the Scientific Enquiry framework integrated throughout the series. This Coursebook for Stage 8 gives a thorough introduction to the concepts, and offers a wealth of ideas for hands-on activities to make the subject matter come to life. A lively, colourful Coursebook for Stage 9, which includes activities to develop Reading and Writing skills, with integrated Speaking and Listening tasks.

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