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Microsoft teams manual pdf download

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It will also run just fine in an internet explorer or Google Chrome Browser. Below are some resources that are useful for learning about Teams. Teams meetings allow for communication through audio, video, chat, and file sharing. Manual download of a recording is not necessary.

If you are interested in a recording created before October 15 , please see the notes under " What about meetings recorded before October 15, ? I consent for Kayako to process my data and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy. Login with SSO.

Access Microsoft Teams on Your Phone. Join a Teams Meeting Instructions. Clinic Creating a Video Visit Meeting. Not helpful. Help Desk Software by Kayako. The mobile app includes the full functionality of Teams with chat, calling, and meetings. If you have any trouble obtaining Teams , please contact IT Support by submitting a ticket on this site or calling option 2.

OR View some of our attached documentation at the bottom of this page. Teams Meetings Teams meetings allow for communication through audio, video, chat, and file sharing. Click the New Event button at the top. Click this and select Teams meeting. Complete the rest of your calendar event setup as you normally would add attendees, location, description, and set start and end times.

Click New Teams Meeting at the top of the view. From the Teams client, Teams website, or Teams mobile app : Click the Calendar view from the left-hand menu. Click the New Meeting C omplete the rest of your calendar event setup as you normally would attendees, location, description, and set start and end times. The version displayed should show If your version is lower, search for "Outlook" in the App Store and install it.

Restart your Mac and complete the next step. Sign in to the Teams desktop client using your WMed email and password. This will prompt the button to appear in Outlook. On the left-hand side of the window, select the account you want to delete. In the lower left of the Accounts dialog box, click Delete button -. Select Delete. Enter your WMed email address and follow the setup process. Once the account is added, quit Outlook and restart it. The Teams Meeting button should now appear.

For more information, see Scheduling a meeting in Teams. Joining Meetings All you need to join a Teams meeting is a link. When downloading apk, please be very careful to verify the download source is reliable and trustworthy.

Microsoft Teams instruction. If experiencing any login issues, VPN can solve most of the problem. Create team Only the 1st user of the team needs to take this step. Click on the Teams icon on the left bar. Once you invite all your teammates, your team is officially created.

Join a team People who are invited to a team are teammembers and an invitation link will be sent to them. You can also join a team with a code by asking for a Team Code. Text chat does real time translation from and to most major languages.

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Assess each change to determine which changes require communication to users, awareness campaigns, training for support teams or users, or feature evaluation and adoption campaigns. This is the primary role of a change management team in your organization. Below is a collection of sample tables that can help you plan for change. For more information about planning for change management with Teams, see Create a change management strategy for Microsoft Teams. This enables your organization to gain insights into how actual usage aligns with the usage you predicted during the Envision phase.

Although this section focuses on Teams usage, this should be part of a broader effort to measure and assess Office usage overall. Identify potential adoption challenges before they create critical issues across the organization. Understand whether there are discrepancies between the Envision phase requirements and actual usage.

Depending on the actual reason behind the low usage, the service administrator must collaborate with the related teams to help remove usage barriers.

Usage data from Teams is available in the Reporting dashboard. Teams usage data can be found in three different reports. The first report provides a cross-product view of how users communicate and collaborate by using the various services in Office This report can be found here: Office active users report.

The other two reports are Teams-specific, and they provide further detail about Teams usage from a user and device perspective. Both reports can be found here:.

Microsoft Teams device usage report. Microsoft Teams user activity report. The usage reports in the admin center can be accessed by people who have been assigned a Global administrator role, or a product-specific admin role Exchange administrator , Skype for Business administrator , SharePoint administrator. You assign this role to provide usage reports to anyone who is a stakeholder, to monitor and drive adoption.

For more information about the different roles available, see About Office admin roles. First, pinpoint whether this is an adoption or technical problem. Begin by investigating the items below, in order, to determine where the problem is. Validate quality by performing a Quality of Experience Review see Improve and monitor call quality for Teams for more detail.

Work with the helpdesk team to check that there are no trending technical issues preventing users from accessing or using the service. If issue trends do exist, use the endpoint troubleshooting section later in this article to try to solve the problem before engaging support. Work with the training and adoption team to gather direct feedback from users see Assess user sentiment later in this article , and to check the effectiveness of awareness and adoption activities.

About the Microsoft admin center. Activity Reports in the Microsoft admin center. Understanding user sentiment can act as a key indicator for gauging the success of your Teams deployment. User feedback can drive changes in your organization; this might include changes to your communication plans, training programs, or the way that you offer support to your users.

Use the following guidance to determine the interval in which your organization will seek out feedback:. Beginning of the project : By assessing user sentiment at the beginning of the project, you can get an early view into how your users feel about their Teams experience.

After major milestones : By collecting feedback throughout the project lifecycle, you can gauge user sentiment on a continuous basis and make changes as needed.

This is especially useful after major milestones. Ongoing : Continue to measure user sentiment indefinitely. By gauging user sentiment at regular intervals, you can understand how well your service management teams are performing and how your organization is responding to changes in the Teams service.

User sentiment can be assessed through many different methods. These can include email surveys, in-person or telephone-style interviews, or simply creating a feedback channel in Teams or Yammer. For more information, see Best practices for user feedback methods in Microsoft Teams. You can also use an industrywide approach to assess user sentiment called net promotor score NPS , which is described in the following section. Net promoter score NPS is an industrywide customer loyalty metric and a good approach to use to assess user sentiment.

NPS measures the loyalty between a provider and a consumer. It consists of only one question, which asks users to rate their experience from 1 through 10, with the option of providing additional comments. Users are then classified based on the following ratings:. From 1 through 6 are Detractors: Unhappy customers who can damage your service and impede growth. These comments can provide valuable feedback to help the project or service management teams understand the adjustments necessary to provide a quality service.

Net Promoter Score. Using Yammer to collect feedback. Best practices for user feedback. Many core planning elements go into optimizing, right-sizing, and remediating your network infrastructure to ensure a high-quality, efficient path to the Microsoft Teams service. The planning tasks and requirements are covered in our network readiness guidance. Networks often evolve over time due to upgrades, expansion, or other business requirements.

To ensure the health of your network, a number of operations activities need to be performed at regular intervals. Building data schema. All organizations need a group or individual to be accountable for quality.

This is the most important role in service management. This role requires the skills to identify trends in the environment and the sponsorship to work with other teams to drive remediation.

The best candidate for the quality champion is typically the customer service owner. The quality champion leverages existing tools and documented processes, such as Call Quality Dashboard CQD , to monitor user experience, identify quality trends, and drive remediation where needed.

The quality champion should work with the respective teams to drive remediation actions, and report to a steering committee about progress and any open issues.

Read Improve and monitor call quality for Teams , which describes includes activities that assess and provide remediation guidance in key areas that have the greatest impact on improving user experience. The guidance provided in this article focuses on using CQD as the primary tool to report and investigate each area, with a focus on audio to maximize adoption and impact. Any optimizations made to the network to improve the audio experience will also directly translate to improvements in video and desktop sharing.

We strongly recommend that you nominate the quality champion early on. After being nominated, they should start to familiarize themselves with Monitor call quality content and associated training materials.

Upload tenant and building data in CQD. Improve and monitor call quality for Teams. Microsoft Teams endpoints can be defined as any PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile or any other device running the Teams client. The Teams endpoints require ongoing care and maintenance. The following sections describe specific areas to focus on.

One of the key benefits of Teams is that the client is kept up to date automatically. The clients on the PC and Mac are updated by using a background process that checks for new builds and downloads the new client when the app is idle. The Teams mobile apps are kept current through their respective app stores.

The Teams client has minimum requirements in terms of the underlying software platform. For example, the Teams client has a minimum iOS version. If the client uses an internet browser, the browser needs to be kept current as well. A list of supported platforms can be found in Get clients for Microsoft Teams.

Client-side firewalls can have a significant impact on the user experience. Client-side firewalls can affect call quality and even prevent a call from being established. After the appropriate exclusions on the client firewall have been configured, they need to be kept up to date based on the information in Office URLs and IP address ranges. Your third-party vendor will have specific guidance for how to update the exclusions. Wi-Fi drivers might be problematic.

As an example, a driver might have very aggressive roaming behaviors between access points that can induce unnecessary access-point switching, leading to poor call quality.

A poorly performing Wi-Fi driver might be discovered through a Quality of Experience Review see Improve and monitor call quality for Teams for more detail.

A catalog of supported endpoints and interface devices such as headsets should be available and maintained. This catalog will include a list of approved devices that were selected and validated as part of the Envision and Onboard phases. All endpoints have a lifecycle, and you need to manage the vendor contracts, warranty, replacement, distribution, and repair policies associated with these devices.

Although the problem might not be with the endpoint itself, the symptoms of the issue are typically surfaced through the client to the user. Validate service health: The issue a user might be experiencing can be related to an event that negatively affects the Teams service or its dependent services. As a first step, we recommend that you confirm there are no active service issues. Consult How to check Office service health. Monitoring for service health is discussed in more detail in the previous section, Monitor service health.

Validate client connectivity: Connectivity issues cause functionality or sign-in issues in Teams. We recommend especially for new sites or locations that you validate connectivity to the service. You can leverage the Microsoft Network Assessment Tool to perform a connectivity test to validate that the media ports have been opened correctly for cloud voice capabilities. Detailed steps on how to run the connectivity tests are provided in the network readiness guidance. Check the known issues list: Consult Teams Troubleshooting to determine whether the user has been negatively affected by one of these issues.

Follow the workaround provided if there is one to resolve the issue. The Teams community provides a discussion list, blog posts, and announcements centered around Teams. You can post a question or search previous discussions for solutions to your issue. For information, see Contact support for business products. For Premier customers, support requests can be initiated by following the guidance at Contact support for Microsoft Teams Premier customers.

Microsoft Teams community. Teams Troubleshooting. Contact support for business products - Admin Help. Contact Premier support. Troubleshooting Teams video. The activities range from administering the service and individual users to capacity planning and provisioning licensing and telephone numbers. The following sections cover some of these common administration tasks. The Teams service has multiple settings that can be configured tenant-wide. Changes made to the tenant settings affect all users who have been enabled for Teams.

For a detailed list of these settings, see Manage Microsoft Teams settings for your organization. To support users, an organization might require any number of related tasksóthe specific tasks vary from one organization to the next.

Ultimately, these tasks need to be managed by a support team that has been assigned these operational duties. The following tasks are commonly required to support users in Teams. Assign, change, or remove a phone number for a user. Assign or change an emergency address for a user. Add, change, or remove an emergency location for your organization.

Create and manage dial plans. Change the settings for an Audio Conferencing bridge. Change the phone numbers on your Audio Conferencing bridge. Manage the Audio Conferencing settings for a user. There is a base Teams license, in addition to licensing for cloud voice capabilities Phone System and Audio Conferencing.

These plans are usage-based and have minute pools associated with them. Provisioning Communications Credits will ensure you never run out of service.

Audio Conferencing allows for tolled dial-in conferencing and domestic dial-out conferencing services. Toll-free dial-in conferencing or non-domestic dial-out scenarios might cause you to incur additional charges for which Communications Credits are required. Both Calling Plan licenses and Communication Credits are usage-based, and therefore need to be monitored and provisioned for accordingly.

Based on the results of this activity, you can adjust your licensing accordingly. Coming soon, we will offer a PSTN minute pools report to more effectively assist with this task. Both methods are described in Getting phone numbers for your users.

The limits are determined by a number of factors detailed in How many phone numbers can you get? The limits depend on the type of numbersótoll-free service numbers, toll service numbers, and subscriber user numbers. Each has its own limits and must be managed independently. This process is described in the article in the previous paragraph. For information about the process for requesting numbers, see Manage phone numbers for your organization.

By default, all users with a mailbox in Exchange Online have permissions to create Microsoft groups and, therefore, a team in Microsoft Teams. If you have a medium or large organization, use Advisor for Teams to help you roll out Microsoft Teams to help you plan the rollout of these workloads across your organization.

The Advisor uses Teams itself to create a plan tasks and assign them to owners, share documents, and enable discussions amongst your deployment team. To get ready for your Teams rollout, here's what you need to do, whether Teams is your first workload "Teams First" or the next workload in an existing Microsoft or Office deployment:.

Prepare your organization's network for Teams. Get Teams licenses for everybody. Check out Teams plans and Microsoft Teams service description. Learn about the benefits of installing the desktop, web, and mobile clients. If you're new to Teams, the best way to get familiar with it is to start using it right away. The great thing about Teams is that what you set up now won't get in the way of any upgrades or migrations you might need to do later.

Check out the learning paths and modules available in Microsoft Learn for Teams. You can get a tour of the Teams admin center , learn how to configure your network for Teams , get ideas on how to best onboard your users to Teams , and more!

Use the steps below to set up a couple teams and onboard a few early adopters to help you get familiar with Teams. If you're coming to Teams from Skype for Business online or on premises , or if you need a hybrid configuration, you still want to follow the recommended path above for a Teams deployment, but first you need to do some extra planning.

Start by reviewing the guidance in the table below that applies to your organization's profile. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents.

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WebYou can access Teams on through the web Browser URL ; You can download the Mobile App available for iOS and Android ; or In Windows, click . Web1. Make sure Microsoft Teams is open in your browser and the tab is active. 2. Click the Audio or Video button depending on which option you prefer. How to chat with your . WebTeam button, then click From scratch. Select a privacy level, enter a team name and description, then click Create. Add team members by searching for their names and .