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3ds max modeling for games pdf download

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Break down the barriers to effective collaboration. For cross-functional projects to work, you need to bring …. Skip to main content. Start your free trial. Book description With 18 years under his belt in the game industry, a key contributor to the MotorStorm series, and the creator of the 3ds Max in Minutes video series at FocalPress. New, expanded tutorials take readers of all abilities through full character and environment modeling from beginning to end Companion website 3d-for-games.

Also features project files for all tutorials in the book and enough support images and photos to keep the budding artist busy for months Completely updated gallery allows the reader to build on various models Show and hide more. Table of contents Product information. You might also like video Python Fundamentals by Paul J. Get it now. Aimed at the establishment of Milind Mahavidyalaya Dr.

Ambedkar arrived Aurangabad and remained in Aurangabad for a period of time. During which some household items used by him are present till now and are preserved by Milind Mahavidyalaya. Objects preserved in the Dome of Milind Mahavidyalaya are chairs, bed, handkerchief and towels, sticks, sink and some kitchen utensils. The purpose behind this study is to preserve these objects having national importance.

To preserve these objects for future is to create a 3D model of the object and for which Autodesk 3DS Max is used. Bole and B. Varate [5] 5. Experimentation and Result In this study many different objects are constructed in the 3D model form. For creating every object in the 3DS Max method is adopted.

The objects modelled by using Max are detailed below. Dome The dome is the place in Milind Mahavidyalaya where the objects used by Dr.

Ambedkar is prevented. To create the 3D model of the dome beneath steps was adopted. Sphere was utilised as the light present on the dome. The cylinder was used to create rod and the design below the light. With another sphere the big curve was designed and for doing that the object was converted into editable poly and desired structure is given. The remaining body of the dome was created using the cylinder.

Roof of the object was created with cone. Next window where create with box as bored, plane as the background and cylinder as rods, all were grouped together and two more copies of the created window where maid and placed on dome.

Door was created by modifying box. The box was converted to editable poly and with the extrude option design on the door was made. The handle and Latch Kundi of the door where made by modifying the cylinder and box by applying bend modifier to provide the desired structure. As the door is square and dome is round, so fit the door to the dome in a proper way FFD 4x4x4 modifier is used.

The box was utilized to create the boundary beside the dome. The grill beside the dome was made from plane and box. At least the plane was used for making the floor and sky.

By using the Ambient option in editor window default blue and white color shade was used. The door, windows, sky, floor and the grill images where imported using defuse option and where applied to the object to obtain the textures. The view of the object was tested and rendered multiple times and the desired result is shown in the figure 4. Figure 4: Dome 5. Chairs There are four different style chairs which are where used by Dr.

Babasaheb Ambedkar in his day-to-day use. All these chairs were constructed by using a very different way as the structure of all of them are different. By deleting the some polygons and by extruding some polygon the chair can be designed. Another box is modelled to create the backrest of the chair and was placed on the chair.

Hand rest of the chair was created by again modeling a box. FFD 3x3x3 modifier is applied to the chair for slightly bending the chair arms as it is seen in the figure.

Mat on the chair is created by placing the box in such a way that it forms the design of the chair. Text shape was used to write the text present on the chair.

Satisfying result means till the time desired angle and position of the object is not obtained. The output of this creation is presented in the figure 5. For creating the armrest of the chair reference image was set by using the background image method. The arms were designed using the line shape and bevel modifier was used to provide thickness of the line and increase the width segments till the required thickness is obtained.

The copy is created of the obtained shape and both arms are placed on the chair. The box is modelled and copied for creating the sticks present on both sides of the chair. Mat was created by combining the boxes together and was joined by the chair.

Another box was modelled for creating the backrest of the chair. Background image method was used and reference image was set up. Line shape is used for creating the legs and the hand rest of the chair.

Bevel modifier is applied on the line shape and outline width is increased to obtain the thickness to shape. By placing the boxes mat of the base of the chair is created. Pillow at the backrest of a chair is created by applying the cloth modifier to the box and increase the pressure according to the thickness of the pillow and simulate the box. The pillow is ready and place it at the backrest of the chair. Wooden texture image is applied to a chair, pillow color textured image was used for pillow and white color is applied to the mat.

Then the shape was controlled by applying FFD 3x3x3 modifier. The box was modelled to create the legs and backrest of the chair. Bed The bed was used for resting and design is of an old antique pattern. Camferbox was made as a mattress of bed. Two planes were placed on one above the other to create mattress cover. Cloth modifier was applied to both planes to form the cover. Figure 9: Bed 5.

Handkerchief and Towel Box There are some handkerchiefs and towels used by Dr. Ambedkar in that period of time. These handkerchief and towels are stored in the box.

The cylinder was used to form rods. The box where used to form handkerchief and towels by applying cloth modifier. Different textures were applied to handkerchief and towels. Metal texture is applied to rods. The cylinder was taken and edit poly modifier was applied to convert it to editable ploy which was then modelled and shaped to have a look of the stick.

The same procedure was adopted for all sticks. The box was modelled to form the box to hold two sticks. Wooden texture was applied to the box. With axes the size and structure was designed. The box was modelled to form a table. The sink is placed on the table. Wooden texture was applied to the table. Figure Sink 5. All these objects are placed on the table. There are three vessels present and all three are created by adopting the same method.

The line was taken and drawn in the shape of the vessel and then lathe modifier is applied to the line with axis option the shape was adjusted and the vessel is obtained. The result of which is shown in figure The plate was created from a line. A line was drawn in the shape of the plate and lathe modifier was applied to it and the lid that is plate is created.

The line was used to create the structure of the plate and lathe modifier was applied and plate was ready. This created texture was applied to the plate. The griddle is obtained. Modifier names as lathe was applied to get the bowl. Modifier Lathe was used to provide the solid shape to the object. After creating one bowl more eight copies of the bowl were made and placed the sequence. The line was used to create the structure of the jar by applying the lathe modifier.

The handles of jar where create by using line, shape and applying bevel modifier to it. By making the copy of one handle another is created and are attach to the jar. It was used for keeping tea hot for a long time. A line was drawn in the shape of the body and handle of the teapot and lathe modifier was used. The same procedure was adopted for creating the spout and after which to smooth the design of spout tubesmooth modifier was applied.

The lock holding chip of teapot and locks were designed by molding cylinder. All the objects were grouped together so that the shape of teapot do not change while moving. Line was used to make the object by applying the lathe modifier. Tube was used to make the ring to the bowl and all objects where grouped together. The created object was copied to form another bowl with same size and appearance.

All the utensils created were imported and merged together and where placed on the table. This rendering is done through default Render Production. The result is demonstrated in the figure. Discussion and Result Autodesk 3DS Max was selected for the creation of 3D models because Max results better while working with fine details as compared to Sketchup Pro.

Sketchup Pro is the tool basically used for the construction of interior and exterior of the constructions. For modeling the objects in Max solid shapes and lines, both can be used and desired design can be formed. Sketchup Pro deals with lines and do not use organic shapes for modeling the objects which becomes very complicated while having constructing fine detailed objects.

With organic shapes or solid shapes it becomes very easy to understand the structures visually rather from the line. Max also provides a lot of modifiers to provide the realistic view of the object. Different shapes and modifiers were used for the creation of objects.

Though the structure of the objects look same but different ways were adopted for the formation. For example, we can look for the chairs. There are four chairs and the process for modelling each chair is different as the structure of every chair is different.

When it comes to the part of Texturing there are many ways through which textures can be applied to the object in Max such as colors and images.

Textures can be created as per the need and already created textures can also be applied to the object. In this study textures were created and then applied to the object. In order to get the proper view of the used thing the textures were created. Multiple times the rendering of the object was made to check that the applied textures to the object is giving the desired output or not and the best is selected. There is rendering process present in both Sketchup Pro and Autodesk 3DS Max but Max also provides many external rendering tool which can be used for speeding up the process of rendering.

Conclusion 3D model of important objects used by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is created in this study. The detailed accuracy of the objects was required and hence Autodesk 3DS Max software was used. For the creation of every object different shapes and modifiers were used. Created textures were used for texture the objects. There are many rendering tools available, but default renders tool is used in this study 8. References [1] Chaudhary, D. Inspection of 3D Modeling Techniques for Digitization.

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