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1965 chevy g10 parts book free download pdf

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Push the glass w ith the filler around it into the channel until it is firmly seated. A fter the glass is firm ly in place, the oil softens the filler, causing it to swell, thereby making a perfect, w atertight seal. Removal and Installation 1. Raise door w indow and remove door trim pad. In sert Tool J Fig. If bolt is positioned too high on pillar, rapid wear w ill occur to the lock cam; if too low , an extra load w ill be placed on door hinges as well as pull door downward and o u t of alignment.

Remove rod connecting hinge and roller assembly. Remove roller. Remove levers�noting position o f the springs. Partially open door and loosen fro n t latch striker on pillar. Remove upper left door hinge cover. Loosen upper left hinge to d o o r bolts. Loosen rear lock striker and door wedge.

A djust fro n t upper roller so it travels in the center o f its channel. Remove seat by removing bolts securing seat to seat riser. Remove seat belt from adjuster. Remove adjuster from seat. Installation 1. Install seat adjuster to seat. Mounting Brackets Removal 1. Remove seat and brackets from seat riser.

Remove brackets from seat. Install brackets to seat. T orque to specifications. Install seat to seat riser. Seat Riser Removal 1. From inside vehicle apply pressure w ith palm o f hand to b o tto m of glass and assist the lip o f the w eatherstrip over the flange w ith a flat bladed tool as show n in Figure With aid o f helper to hold w indow , continue moving w eatherstrip over flange until w indow is o u t o f opening.

Remove latch to body and latch to window screws and remove latch. Installation A ttach latch to w indow using escutcheon, spacer, washer. A ttach latch to body. Install lock cylinder and retainer. Install rem ote control. T orque screws to specifications. Install trim panel.

Rear Door Glass and Weatherstrip Removal and installation procedures are the same as for the body side windows. Refer to those procedures for rear door glass and w eatherstrip replacem ent. This dim ension can be checked by applying grease to the latch and slow ly closing door until striker fully engages latch.

Then open d o o r and m easure from grease im pression to b o tto m o f latch slot. Page 71 Inspection The unequal length control arm coil spring independent suspension is used on all 10, 20 and 30 series Vans. Before checking and adjusting alignm ent, such com ponents as wheel bearings, spring height, tie rods, steering gear, shock absorbers and tire inflation should be inspected and corrected Do not use replacement parts of cleaned and air-dried.

Torque values must be used as specified during reassembly to Wheel Stud Replacem ent Fig. Install lower ball stud through steering knuckle and tighten nut.

Properly position spring on the con tro l arm , and lift Install spring an d control arm as outlined u nder spring control arm. Bushings Installation Remove grease fittings from bushing o u ter ends and unscrew bushings from control arm an d shaft.

Install tire and wheel an d low er vehicle to floor. E xtend b olt from to o l J to loosen ball stud in steering knuckle. When stud is loosened, remove tool and Upper-Removal ball stud nut. Free steering knuckle from ball separately as outlined in the preceding service operations. J Bearing Race Installer 1. J 2. J 8. J 4. Pinion bearing noise resulting from a bearing failure can right defect wheel bearing noise, will aid even the beginner in be identified by a co n stan t rough sound.

L ubricate new bearing w ith wheel bearing lubricant, and Replacement install bearing so th a t it b o tto m s against shoulder in The axle vent system consists o f the vent connector, vent Fill axle w ith lubricant to a level even w ith b o tto m o f filler hole. See Section O for proper lubricant. Mark relationship o f propeller shaft to com panion flange.

C onnect hand brake cables and adjust parking brakes as ing parts in that they could affect the performance specified in Section 5. Press the bearing cup into positive co n tact w ith retainer ring. N O T E : bearing cup-to-retainer ring seating procedure is essential to assure th at an accurate wheel bearing adjustment w ill be obtained, and that adjustment Install th ru st washer so th at tang on I. Disconnect propeller shaft and remove pinion flange and part of lesser quality or substitute design.

Torque deflector. Remove bolts retaining the oil seal retainer to carrier, and to assure proper retention o f this part.

Using soft drift and ham m er, drive on one trunnion 1. Clean all dirt from to p o f m aster cylinder and remove cylinder cover and rubber diaphragm. Remove brake bleeder w rench and hose from the bleeder valve and repeat Steps 2 through on the remaining wheel cylinders.

Release the parking brake and rotate rear wheels. If the lubrication in the adjusting screw of assembly is contam inated or destroyed, the adjusting screw should be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. Use Chevrolet brake lining or equivalent and the rivets included in lining package which are o f the correct size. The rivets m ust fit the holes w ith the solid body o f rivet Remove excess cleaning fluid from the cylinder. Do n ot Wheel cylinders should not be disassembled unless they are use a rag to dry the cylinder as lint from the rag cannot be k ep t from the cylinder bore surfaces.

Heavy or extensive scoring will cause excessive brake lining w ear, and it will probably be necessary to refinish in order to true up the braking surface. If the brake linings are slightly worn and the drum is grooved, the drum should be tu rn ed ju st enough to remove grooves. Removal Remove the shoe support spring from the piston. L ubricate new sleeves, new rubber bushings, the bushing grooves an d the end o f the m ounting bolts using Delco M oraine Silicone Lube or its equivalent Fig.

Page The shoes should never be relined or pass u nder the retaining ears on the inboard shoe Fig. Push the m ounting bolts through to engage the holes in the o u tb o ard shoe and the o u tb o ard caliper ears. Do not blow piston out of the bore. Position the seal in the caliper bore groove. Lubricate the piston w ith clean brake fluid and assemble a new boot in to the groove in the piston so th a t the fold faces the open end o f the piston as shown in Figure Checking Lateral Runout Tighten the wheel bearing adjusting nut until all o f the play is out o f the bearing.

N O T E : brake com bination valve is a non-. Page BRAKES Remove clutch pedal and shaft, if m anual transm ission, or shaft if autom atic transm ission and low er brake pedal from pedal bracket. Install the fro n t cable to the cross sill spring. Pull the cable, left or right, o u t o f hole in cross sill. Low er the vehicle to the floor. Check and record com pression o f each cylinder. I f one or m ore cylinders read low or uneven, inject about a tablespoon o f engine oil on top o f pistons in low reading cylinders throu gh spark plug p o rt.

C orrect any interference or binding condition noted. E xam ine distributor points and clean or replace if necessary. C onnect spark plug wiring. V entilation valve should be replaced at intervals specified in Section O. Uneven cranking speed� Uneven com pression, defective starter to starter drive.

Page ENGINE The following valves can be adjusted w ith engine in determ ined by ro tatin g push rod w ith fingers as the num ber six firing position: n ut is tightened Fig. When push rod does n ot Engine � Remove propeller shaft as outlined in Section 4�install D isconnect pow er brake vacuum line at inlet m anifold. Position engine adjacent to the transm ission and align th e converter w ith th e flyw heel.

C rank engine until distributor ro to r points to Locate a noisy valve lifter b y using a piece o f garden hose num ber one cylinder position an d breaker points approxim ately four feet in length. Install spark plug and torque to specifications. Install and adjust valve mechanism as outlined. Install new side gaskets on cylinder block Fig. N O T E : Do not use sealer. Position oil pan to block, making sure th at seals and gaskets rem ain in place, install and torque pan screws to specifications.

Page ENGINE W ithout Cover Removed With crankshaft pulley and dam per rem oved, pry old seal o u t o f cover from the fro n t w ith a large screwdriver, being careful n ot to damage the seal surface on the crankshaft.

Remove grille as outlined in Section Replacement Remove fuel pum p as o utlined in Section Align tim ing gear m arks th en remove the tw o cam shaft Install flyw heel on crankshaft and position to align dowel hole o f crankshaft flange and flywheel Fig. Raise vehicle on hoist and support transm ission so as n o t Rem ove m ount-to-bracket through-bolt. D isconnect E vaporation C ontrol System lines a t rocker arm cover and at carburetor�position lines to one side.

D isconnect pow er brake vacuum hose at rocker arm tube-to-hose junction. Lower engine secured b y the hoist, and support engine o n blocks. Remove starter and converter housing underpan. Remove flyw heel-to-converter attaching bolts. S upport transm ission on blocks. D isconnect th ro ttle linkage and vacuum m odulator o n Powerglide.

Drain radiator and remove air cleaner. Page ENG INE Installation Install if rem oved oil filler bracket, air cleaner bracket, coil, accelerator retu rn spring and bracket and accelerator Clean gasket surfaces on cylinder head an d rocker arm bellcrank.

Coat seal lips an d seal bead w ith light engine oil � keep oil off seal m ating ends. Fill cooling system , start engine and check for leaks.

Crankcase Front Cover Removal Remove oil pan as outlined. Rem ove torsional dam per as outlined. Remove w ater pum p as outlined in Section Remove crankcase fro n t cover attaching screws and remove fro n t cover and gasket, th en discard gasket. C rank engine u ntil m arks on cam shaft and crankshaft sprockets are in alignm ent Fig.

Install an d adjust valve m echanism as outlined. Removal Remove valve lifters as outlined. Remove crankcase fro n t cover as outlined. Engine Mounts Engine m ounts are th e non-adjustable typ e and seldom require service. Torque Wrench. The higher pressure raises th e boiling po in t o f the system s w ith therm ostatic control o f coolant circulation. The coolant w hich increases the efficiency o f th e radiator. R adiator fan shroud fore, in th e event o f w ater p um p failure, it will be necessary to replacem ent is covered in Section 11 o f this m anual.

Fill the cooling system w ith w ater to a level o f ab o u t 3 inches below the to p o f the overflow pipe. Cover the radiator and run th e engine at m oderate speed until engine coolant tem p eratu re reaches degrees. U nder this condition the valve should open fully.

Thoroughly w arm -up engine. If th e engine is cold, allow Check and adjust choke as required, using procedures to run for at least 15 m inutes. K1, K2 and K3 the bench, a small supply o f fuel and the necessary fittings enable the carburetor to be filled and the operation o f the Flooding, stum ble on acceleration and o th e r perform ance C onnect C.

Valve L- electrical wiring and attach vacuum lines. Be certain th ro ttle body and intake m anifold sealing C onnect idle stop wiring connector to solenoid. H old carburetor thro ttle in wide open position, push th ro ttle rod rearw ard to position accelerator pedal at the R e c o n n e c t electrical c o n n e c to r to th e solenoid. Pry up tabs o f sensor retaining clip Fig.

Rem ove air cleaner from engine. IP and 2P used on all Chevrolet arm. On V engines, a push rod located betw een the vehicles covered in this m anual is the diaphragm type. In the energized position plunger extended the plunger contacts th e carburetor th ro ttle lever and prevents full closing o f th e carb uretor th ro ttle plates.

The m olded top and the plunger are non-conductors and therefore insulate the cup contact and sw itch term inal when th e plunger is depressed. This electrically operated tw o-position plunger controlled valve serves to supply or deny vacuum to the d istribu tor vacuum advance unit.

System Fig. Page Fig. Having a lot of trouble trying to find the wiring diagram or Pinout for the ECM on my chevy uplander 3.

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