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C lite browser

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Introducing Lite Browser A simple, secure and fast browsing experience. Continue OS Not Supported. Experience Lite Browser Continue to change your default browser settings to our Chromium-based browser that provides you with a lighter browsing experience that is simple, secure and now faster than ever.

Latest Features You'll Love Built-in browser tools designed with the user in mind. Lighter, Faster Browsing. Smart Auto-Complete. Browse Across Devices. Default Search Protection. A lighter browsing experience Enjoy a lighter web browser without the excessive software and unwanted tracking. Lite Browser has you covered. Secure Browsing Notifications Lite Browser will automatically notify you when you navigate to an insecure website so that you can safely exit the page.

Customized Search Results Lite Browser will open clicked search results in a new tab for easy navigation back to your original search results. Extension Guard Lite Browser will automatically block extensions that attempt to change your default settings and browsing experience.

Productivity Tools Lite Browser comes standard with popular widgets such as a todo list, notepad and quick links to your favorite sites. Thank you for downloading! Click run to start. We use cookies to improve your experience. To add on to the privacy levels it also comes with auto-upgrade features and a built-in VPN connection that can easily maintain your anonymity and encrypt your online activities.

It is simple to set up and use. Make Opera your browsing companion and enjoy a clean, efficient, and powerful browsing experience. If the above mentioned lightweight browser for Windows has not met your requirements then try our next pick. Comodo IceDragon is popular for its superior and robust security feature which keeps you protected from all possible viruses.

Apart from this it also scans your browsers crash and performance reports to scan your web-page for any threats. It also uses a virtually created container that breaks all the contact of your device with the browser, this means no unwanted or harmful software gets installed on your device. SeaMonkey is another light browser for Windows that promises optimized browser functioning and loading speed. A built-in email client and built-in editor helps you in easy navigation and also assists you in developing a web-page of your own.

It is also powered with a password manager tool along with voice interaction, mouse gestures and restore sessions functionalities. It is an open-source lightweight browser for Windows but can result in stability issues as time.

Vivaldi is one of the newest entrants in the category of lightest browser for Windows but has enough to give its competitors a big fight. It comes with greater customizable features including tab arrangement, color themes, and notes. Vivaldi works on the Google Chrome engine and is well known for its reliability and stable performance.

It also ensures the utmost privacy and helps you browse privately by blocking unwanted ads and trackers. All the data enchanted on the Vivaldi browser is protected with end-to-end encryption. Another smallest browser that you can pick for your Windows device is Lynx.

It is one of the oldest Windows browsers and uses various command-line tools. Setting it up is fairly easy and its straightforward design adds on to its simple working. It is a text-based browser and does not pressurize your system resources. So if you can barter a graphic user interface with a text-based interface then Lynx is a good choice.

Last on our list of lite browsers for Windows PC is Torch. It is perfectly apt for heavily-active users and supports seamless loading at a lightning-fast speed.

It is an open-source and media-oriented browser application. It comes with an in-built BitTorrent feature which helps in easy management of downloads. Along with it you also get access to additional features like Torch Games and Torch Music which adds on to your browsing experience. You can also play online songs before their download is complete with its Torch Player feature. Manage online media in a hassle-free manner with its integrated sharing and download accelerator feature.

Maxthon Cloud Browser is an extremely great browser that offers some of the best features than other opponent tool does. It includes a built-in tool for blocking random ads, offers a screen capture facility, note pad, dark mode, reader form, and many other features.

If you want to make Maxthon sync your data on all other devices, then you are required to create an account on Maxthon-based cloud services. Have you ever wished to access Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox in one program? Now, you must be thinking about how it can be possible at all. Yes, you have heard right! It has the support of the triple engine i. It is designed with the latest technology parameters and algorithms hence comparatively it is faster than others.

However, you can set one particular engine to be accessed whenever you open Lunascape Orion. But, switching between the engines is very quick as well. In the sea full of options for different browsers available online we have fixed it for our users by listing the best lightweight browser for Windows 10, 11, or older version systems.

Go through the list and find the one that matches your definition of lite browser for PC and download it from the official website. Depending upon the size and other available data Opera uses the least resources of your Windows and still provides the best user-experience and speed. When compared to the above mentioned light-weight browser alternatives, Chrome indeed uses a significantly higher amount of RAM.

In addition to this if we download and add multiple extensions to chrome it can get heavier. Yes, Opera is a well know alternative in the list of lightweight browsers as it only consumes minimal resources of your device.

Yes, Brave is a lighter web browser than Chrome. So, this is folks, enjoy effortless and fast browsing experience with our lightweight browser for Windows. All the options mentioned above guarantee fast speed, robots working, less resource usage, and superior privacy.

Pick the best-suited lightweight browser for your windows device to trade-off with a mainstream browser. Sign me up for the newsletter! Published Date : Jan 09, Category : Top 10 Windows.