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Download docker machine for windows

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The prerequisites are: Have Docker for Windows installed, and running which requires that virtualization and Hyper-V are enabled, as described in What to know before you install Docker for Windows. Set up the Hyper-V driver to use an external virtual network switch See the Docker Machine driver for Microsoft Hyper-V topic, which includes an example of how to do this.

Currently, there is no docker-machine create driver for HyperKit, so you will use virtualbox driver to create local machines. To learn more, see Docker for Mac vs. Docker Toolbox. Make sure you have the latest VirtualBox correctly installed on your system either as part of an earlier Toolbox install, or manual install. If you are using Docker Toolbox Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows both require newer versions of their respective operating systems, so users with older OS versions must use Docker Toolbox.

If you are using Docker Toolbox on either Mac or an older version Windows system without Hyper-V , you will use the virtualbox driver to create a local machine based on Oracle VirtualBox. If you are using Docker Toolbox on a Windows system that has Hyper-V but cannot run Docker for Windows for example Windows 8 Pro , you must use the hyperv driver to create local machines.

Make sure you have the latest VirtualBox correctly installed on your system. If you used the Quickstart Terminal to launch your first machine and set your terminal environment to point to it, a default machine was automatically created. Use Machine to run Docker containers To run a Docker container, you: create a new or start an existing Docker virtual machine switch your environment to your new VM use the docker client to create, load, and manage containers Once you create a machine, you can reuse it as often as you like.

Like any VirtualBox VM, it maintains its configuration between uses. The examples here show how to create and start a machine, run Docker commands, and work with containers. Create a machine Open a command shell or terminal window. These command examples shows a Bash shell. For a different shell, such as C Shell, the same commands are the same except where noted.

Use docker-machine ls to list available machines. In this example, no machines have been created yet. Creating machine Waiting for machine to be running, this may take a few minutes Machine is running, waiting for SSH to be available Detecting operating system of created instance Docker plans to support more versions of Windows 10 in the future.

Open PowerShell or your favorite Windows terminal e. The first time Docker starts, you may need to provide the token from the Beta invitation email. When initialization completes, select About Docker from the notification area and verify you have the latest version. From PowerShell or your favorite Windows terminal , check the versions of docker , docker-compose , and verify your installation:.

If your host does not already have it, Docker downloads nginx from Docker Hub and starts it. You should see:. If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working.

Further configuration is required. For online documentation and support please refer to nginx. Commercial support is available at nginx.

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