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A.r aryasri management science tmh 2013 pdf download

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Com-I Ist Semester S. D under Faculty. Higher Diploma Programme in Financial Services Syllabus English Reading and Writing This module gives students integrated instruction on reading and writing with emphasis on critical reading skills, text.

What do you mean by the term Planning? Nothing is constant. Programme - Economics. Nobody is. Jim Mirabella Call : Contact Information:. Rupesh R. Introduction:- Today this competitive business environment effective decision making play a vital role in such competitive business. At the end of the lesson, you should be able to: Chapter 2: Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices: 2.

Courses of Studies for Ph. Index Click on the subject for detailed. Enclosure to Item No. Program :B. The application software covered under this. Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Download "Principles of Management". Julia Dawson 4 years ago Views:.

Similar documents. Managerial Economics More information. Old Sivalayam, Kadapa. Affiliated to Y. University BBM. Planning: Nature, More information. Importance of More information. Com Course. Nagpur M. Com First semester Advanced Financial More information.

The following More information. More information. Explain the Arguments for and against Social More information. Centre for Economic and Social Studies 1. Accounting for Business MCD Introductory Economics MCD So you are advised to pay close attention More information.

Principles of Management More information. Management- concept,nature,process More information. So that, they technical proficiency More information. Subject custodian: Department of Operations Management Strategic management services. Please note: A more detailed syllabus is available More information. To increases the student More information.

Associate in Arts Code Micro teaching origin, need, procedure, cycle of operation and uses - Communication B. Course Syllabus For Operations Management. For more information visit www. Management - definitions, nature and scope of management, functions and process of management-evolution More information.

Understand the meaning, More information. It starts More information. New from Pearson Custom Publishing! Banking is a service industry which delivers its services across the More information. VI Course: More information. D under Faculty More information. Higher Diploma Programme in Financial Services. Syllabus Higher Diploma Programme in Financial Services Syllabus English Reading and Writing This module gives students integrated instruction on reading and writing with emphasis on critical reading skills, text More information.

Content Expectations for. Nothing is constant More information. Programme - Economics More information. Nobody is More information. Introduction:- Today this competitive business environment effective decision making play a vital role in such competitive business More information. Mik Wisniewski.

Fifth Edition. Index Click on the subject for detailed More information. The application software covered under this More information. Course Text. Required Computing Software.

Course Description. Design oriented Design teams analysis, synthesis, 6. Experiential project Algorithms engineering problems with inference. Design oriented 8. Lab work or field work Others ethical responsibilities problems jnt based g Communicate effectively E.

Trouble shooting type 9. Presentation based h Understand impact of of questions Case Studies based engineering solutions in global, F. Applications related Portfolio based societal context G. Objectives : Plastics are materials used very widely as engineering materials. An understanding of properties. Objectives : A board understanding of the more important fuels employed on a large scale is necessary for all engineer to bo understand energy � related problems and solve them.

Hence some of them are w. Murthy, V. Parameswara Murthy, C. Agarwal, Adhra Naidu. Publications 4. Chand Technical Series 2. Gopalan, D. Viswanathan and M. They are required to understand the concepts of centre of gravity and moments of inertia and their application, Analysis of frames and trusses, different types of motion, friction and application of work - energy method. Mechanics � Basic Concepts. Solution to problems using graphical methods and law of triangle of forces.

Lamis Theorm, Graphical method for the equilibrium of coplanar forces, Converse of the law of Triangle of forces, converse of the law of polygon of forces condition of equilibrium. Objectives : The students are to be exposed to concepts of centre of gravity. Centroid : Centroids of simple figures from basic principles � Centroids of Composite Figures Centre of Gravity : Centre of gravity of simple body from basis principles , centre of gravity of composite bodies, ww pappus theorem.

UNIT IV Objective: The students are to be exposed to concepts of moment of inertia and polar moment of inertia including transfer methods and their applications. UNIT � V. Mechanics - S. Engineering Mechanics statics and dynamics � R. Hibbeler, 11 Edn � Pearson Publ. Engineering Mechanics , statics � J. Engineering Mechanics , dynamics � J. Shames, � Pearson Publ.

Mechanics For Engineers , statics - F. Mechanics For Engineers, dynamics - F. Nelson, C. Engineering Mechanics , Fedinand. Singer , Harper � Collins. Engineering Mechanics, Tayal. Umesh Publ. Constants, Variables, Arthmetic , relational and logical operators, increment and decrement operators, conditional operator, assignment operator, expressions, type conversions, Conditional Expressions, precedence and order of evaluation, Sample Programs.

Programming in C, B. Juneja, Anith Seth, Cengage Learning. Programming with C, Bichkar, Universities Press 3. C by Example, Noel Kalicharan, Cambridge u jnt w. Overall understanding of the natural resources.

Basic understanding of the ecosystem and its diversity 3. Acquaintance on various environmental challenges induced due to unplanned anthropogenic activities 4. An understanding of the environmental impact of developmental activities 5. Awareness on the social issues, environmental legislation and global treaties ok Course Outcomes: The student should have knowledge on 1.

The natural resources and their importance for the sustenance of the life and recognise the need to conserve the natural resources bo 2. The concepts of the ecosystem and its function in the environment. The need for protecting the producers and consumers in various ecosystems and their role in the food web 3. Various attributes of the pollution and their impacts and measures to reduce or control the pollution along with waste management practices jnt 5.

Social issues both rural and urban environment and the possible means to combat the challenges 6. Role of information Technology in Environment and human health. Ecosystems: Concept of an ecosystem. Land resources: Land as a resource, land degradation, Wasteland reclamation, man induced landslides, soil erosion and desertification. Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources. Equitable use of resources for sustainable u lifestyles. UNIT - III jnt Biodiversity and its conservation: Definition: genetic, species and ecosystem diversity- classification - Value of biodiversity: consumptive use, productive use, social- Biodiversity at national and local levels.

Role of an individual in prevention of pollution. Solid Waste Management: Sources, classification, effects and control measures of urban and industrial solid wastes. Consumerism and waste products. Ecotourism ok The student should submit a report individually on any issues related to Environmental Studies course and make a power point presentation. Text Books: 1. Environmental Studies by R. Rajagopalan, 2nd Edition, 2. Environmental Studies by P. Palanisamy, P. Manikandan, A. Geetha, and K.

Manjula Rani; Pearson Education, Chennai u jnt w. Udaya Bhaskar, Cengage Learning. Environmental Studies by K. Estimation of KMnO4 using standard Oxalic acid solution. Estimation of Ferric iron using standard K2Cr2O7 solution. Estimation of Copper using standard K2Cr2O7 solution. Estimation of Copper using Colorimeter 9. Estimation of pH of the given sample solution using pH meter. Conductometric Titrations between strong acid and strong base Conductometric Titrations between strong acid and Weak base ww Potentiometric Titrations between strong acid and strong base Estimatinog of Zinc using standard potassium ferrocyanide solution m Chemistry Practical Manual, Lorven Publications 3.

Mukkanti Practical Engineering Chemistry, B. Publication ok u bo jnt w. Asking for information and ok Requests B. Suggestions and Opinions B. Subsequent terms jnt are found by adding the preceding two terms in the sequence. Write a C program to generate the first n terms of the c Write a C program to generate all the prime numbers between 1 and n, where n is a value supplied by the user.

Exercise 4 a Write a C Program to print the multiplication table of a w. Exercise 5 a Write a C program to interchange the largest and smallest numbers in the array. To insert a sub-string in to given main string from a given position. To delete n Characters from a given position in a given string. To replace a character of string either from beginning or ending or at a specified location Exercise 8 ok Write a C program that uses functions to perform the following operations using Structure: i Reading a complex number ii Writing a complex number iii Addition of two complex numbers iv Multiplication of two complex numbers Exercise 9 bo Write C Programs for the following string operations without using the built in functions - to concatenate two strings - to append a string to another string - to compare two strings u Exercise 10 Write C Programs for the following string operations without jnt using the built in functions - to find t he length of a string - to find whether a given string is palindrome or not Exercise 11 a Write a C functions to find both the largest and smallest number of an array of integers.

Exercise 12 Write C programs that use both recursive and non-recursive functions for the following i To find the factorial of a given integer. The names of the files must be entered using command line arguments. They will overcome their personal problems and ww address themselves to national and other problems. Publishers jnt w. Objective tests B. Definitions, Principle social, political, ethical, 2. Peer tutoring based Simulation based Design oriented C.

Mathematical treatment, derivations, Design teams 6. Experiential project numerical problems Algorithms engineering problems based based with inference. Lab work or field work D. Design oriented Others ethical responsibilities based problems g Communicate effectively 9. Presentation based E. Trouble shooting type h Understand impact of Case Studies based of questions jnt engineering solutions in global, Role-play based F.

Portfolio based questions societal context G. Application: Finding the current in a electrical circuit. Application: Free vibration of a two-mass system. Questions should meet desired needs within have: economic, social, political, 1.

Peer tutoring based concept. Simulation based C. Mathematical u Theory multidisciplinary teams 5. Problem based derivations, analysis, Analysis solve engineering 7. Others ethical responsibilities 8. Lab work or field D. Design oriented g Communicate effectively work based problems h Understand impact of 9. Trouble shooting engineering solutions in Case Studies based type of questions global, economic, Applications related w. Portfolio based questions context G. Solid state Physics by A.

A text book of Engineering Physics by M. Kshirasagar S. Chand publications 3. Engineering Physics b;y M. Srinivasan New Age. Ltd 2. Arumugam Anuradha Agencies 4. Bhattacharya Oxford University press 6. Chaturvedi Cengage Learning u jnt w. Govindarajan, S. Natarajan and V. Aryasri, bo Dharanikota Suyodhana-Maruthi Publications 3. Alavudeen, R. Kalil Rahman and M. Jayakumaran- Laxmi Publications 4. Kiran- u 5. The objective is also to visualize and represent the 3D objects in 2D planes with proper dimensioning, scaling etc.

UNIT I Objective: The objective is to introduce the use and the ok application of drawing instruments and to make the students construct the polygons, curves and various types of scales.

The student will be able to understand the need to enlarge or reduce the size of objects in representing them. Polygons, Construction of regular polygons using given length of a side; Ellipse, arcs of circles and Oblong methods; Scales � bo Vernier and Diagonal scales. UNIT II Objective: The objective is to introduce orthographic projections and to project the points and lines parallel to one plane and inclined to other. Projections of straight lines inclined to both the planes, w.

The student will be able to represent and convert the isometric view to orthographic view and vice versa. Conversion of isometric views to orthographic views; Conversion of orthographic views to isometric views.

Engineering Drawing by N. Butt, Chariot Publications 2. Engineering Drawing by K. Kannaiah, Scitech Publishers. Engineering Graphics for Degree by K.

Prabhu Raja, New Age jnt w. Determination of wavelength of a source-Diffraction. Determination of thickness of a thin object using parallel interference fringes. Determination of Rigidity modulus of a material- Torsional Pendulum. Verification of laws of stretched string � Sonometer. Determination of velocity of sound � Volume resonator. Thermistor characteristics � Temperature Coefficient Energy Band gap of a Semiconductor p. Hall Effect for semiconductor. Engineering Physics Lab Manual by Dr.

Venkateswarao V. Book links 2. Physics practical manual, Lorven Publications. Hall Effect 2. Crystal Structure 3. Hysteresis 4. Numerical Aperture of Optical fiber 7. Photoelectric Effect ok 8. Simple Harmonic Motion 9. Damped Harmonic Motion Note: At least two exercises to be done from each trade. Trade: Carpentry 1. T-Lap Joint 2. Cross Lap Joint 3. Dovetail Joint ok 4. Mortise and Tennon Joint Fitting 1. Vee Fit 2. Square Fit 3. Half Round Fit 4. Dovetail Fit Black Smithy 1.

Round rod to Square bo 2. S-Hook 3. Round Rod to Flat Ring 4. Round Rod to Square headed bolt House Wiring 1. Stair Case wiring 3. Florescent Lamp Fitting 4. Measurement of Earth jnt Resistance Tin Smithy 1.

Taper Tray 2. Square Box without lid 3. Open Scoop 4. Awareness of cyber hygiene protecting the personal computer from getting infected with the viruses , worms and other cyber attacks.

To prepare a report containing the block diagram of the CPU along with the configuration of each peripheral and its functions.

They are trained to demonstrate the same through web browsing including all tool bar options and email access. Ethical Hacking, Firewalls, m Multi-factor authentication techniques including Smartcard, Biometrics are also practiced Word. Task Students will be working on basic power point utilities and tools which help them create basic power point presentation. Task Focusing on the power and potential of Microsoft power point. Helps them learn best practices in designing and preparing power point presentation.

Computer Fundamentals, Anita Goel, Pearson 2. Venkateswarlu u bo jnt w. Appa Rao, Dr. Prabhakara rao, Prof. Maheswari: Managerial Economics, Sultan Chand. Suma Damodaran: Managerial Economics, Oxford.

Kuberudu and Dr. Maheswari: Financial Accounting, Vikas Publications. Pearson 2nd Edition. Discrete Mathematics, S. Santha, Cengage 3.

Flip Flops w. Modern Digital Electronics, R. Jain, TMH ok u bo jnt w. Data Structures and Algorithms, ,G. Pai, TMH 2. Write the same program by using function overloading features and compare the same with its C counterpart. Create a class for the complex ww number representation. Exercise 3: a Write C program that use both recursive and non bo recursive functions to perform Linear search for a Key value in a given list. Walpole, Sharon L.

Mayers and Keying Ye: Pearson 3. Questions should have: u desired needs within economic, B. Definitions, Principle of 1. Objective tests social, political, ethical, operation or philosophy 2. Mathematical jnt 4. Lab work or field work Others ethical responsibilities problems based w.

Thread, The main Thread,. Bhavsar, Cengage Learning. Pearson 2. Radha Krishna, Universities Press ok u bo jnt w. Unit VI : Objectives: Illustration of tries which share some properties of table look up, various issues related to the m design of file structures Pattern matching and Tries : Pattern matching algorithms- the Boyer �Moore algorithm, the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm.

Fundamental File Structure Concepts- Field and record organization, Managing fixed-length, fixed-field buffers. Floating � Point Representation. Other Binary Codes, Error Detection codes. Addressing modes. DATA Transfer and manipulation. Program control. Decimal Arithmetic unit, Decimal Arithmetic operations. Computer System Architecture, M. Computer Architecture a quantitative approach, John L.

Hennessy and David A. Structured Computer Organization � Andrew S. UNIT V:. Principles of Compiler Design, A. Theory of Computation , aproblem solving approach, kavi Mahesh, Wiley m. To implement functions of Dictionary using Hashing division method, Multiplication method, Universal hashing.

To perform various operations i. To implement operations on binary heap. To implement operations on graphs i vertex insertion ok ii Vertex deletion iii finding vertex iv Edge addition and deletion 6. To implement Depth First Search for a graph non recursively.

To implement Breadth First Search for a graph non recursively. To implement pattern matching using Boyer-Moore algorithm. To implement Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm for pattern matching. Calculate the discriminent D and basing on the value of D, describe the nature of roots. Write a JAVA program give example for command ok line arguments. Write a JAVA program to sort given list of numbers. Write a JAVA program to search for an element in a given list of elements linear search.

Write a JAVA program to search for an element in a given list of elements using binary search mechanism. Write a JAVA program to determine the addition of two matrices.

Write a JAVA program to determine multiplication of two matrices. Write a JAVA program to sort an array of strings Write a JAVA program to check whether given string u is palindrome or not. Example for call by value. Write a JAVA program to demonstrate static variables, methods, and blocks. Write a JAVA program that illustrates simple inheritance. Write a JAVA program that illustrates multi-level ww inheritance Write a JAVA program demonstrating the difference between method overloading and method overriding.

Write a JAVA program demonstrating the difference between method overloading and constructor overloading. Write a JAVA program that describes exception handling mechanism. Write a JAVA program for example of try and catch m block. Write a JAVA program to illustrate sub class exception precedence over base class.

Write a JAVA program for creation of user defined exception. Write a JAVA program to illustrate creation of threads using runnable class.

Write a JAVA program to create a class MyThread in ok this class a constructor, call the base class constructor, using super and starts the thread. The run method of the class starts after this. Write a JAVA program illustrating multiple bo inheritance using interfaces. Write a JAVA program to create a package named pl, and implement this package in ex1 class.

Write a JAVA program to create a package named mypack and import it in circle class. Write a JAVA program to give a simple example for u abstract class. Write a JAVA program that describes the life cycle of jnt an applet.

Write a JAVA program to create a border layout control. Write a JAVA program to create a padding layout control. Write a JAVA program to create a simple calculator. Write a JAVA program that displays number of characters, lines and words in a text file.

Call it mytable use tabs to separate the fields. Call the sorted file my table same name f Print the file mytable g Use the cut and paste commands to swap fields 2 and 3 of ww mytable. Call it my table same name h Print the new file, mytable i Logout of the system. Use the more command to see the contents of myfile1.

Use the more command to check the contents of myfile2. Let it offer the user the choice of copying, removing, renaming, or linking files.

Once the user has made a choice, have the program ask the user for the necessary information, such as the file name, new name and so on. Write a C program that takes one or more file or directory names as command line input and reports the following information on the file: i File type ii Number of links iii Read, write and execute permissions w.

Write C programs that simulate the following unix ww commands: a mv b cp Use system calls Do the following Shell programs also 1 Write a shell script to check whether a particular user has logged in or not. Find total, average and grade. Display the result bo of student and store in a file called stu. Also store all details in a file called emp.

Display current directory path b. Display todays date c. Display users who are connected to the unix system d. Course Outcomes: 1. Software Engineering, concepts and practices, Ugrasen Suman, Cengage learning 2. To have a detailed study of various analog and digital. To have a thorough knowledge of various multiplexing schemes and Data communication protocols 3. To know about the standards and mechanisms of television systems Course Outcomes: 1.

Knowledge of working of basic communication systems ok 2. Reference Books : ww 1. Construct a Web Application using Servlets 2. Construct a Web application using Java Server Pages 3. Construct an enterprise application using Session Beans 4.

Construct an enterprise application using Entity Beans ok linked with Database 5. Construct an asynchronous enterprise application using Message-Driven Beans 6. Map java inheritance hierarchy with database tables using various mapping techniques. Persist different types of collections. The javax. Chapters: 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 to 18 2.

Chapters: 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 27 3. Web application technologies concepts, Knuckles, John Wiley. Programming world wide web, Sebesta, Pearson jnt 6. Java server pages, Pekowsky, Pearson w. The logical design, physical design and implementation of relational databases are covered. Course Outcomes: ok 1. SQL : Creating tables with relationship, implementation of key and integrity constraints, nested queries, sub queries, grouping, aggregation, ordering, implementation of different types of joins, view updatable and non-updatable , relational set operations.

Text Books : w. Navathe, PEA 3. Reference Books : 1. Database System Concepts. Multi Thread programming models. Process scheduling criteria and algorithms, and their evaluation. File System implementation- File system structure, allocation.

Operating systems- A Concept based Approach- bo D. Dhamdhere, 2nd Edition, TMH 3. Write a program to read the webpage from a website and display the contents of the webpage. Write programs for TCP server and Client interaction bo as per given below.

A program to create TCP server to send a message to client. A program to create TCP client to receive the message sent by the server. Write programs for Datagram server and Client interaction as per given below.

A program to create Datagram server to send a message to client. A program to create Datagram client to receive the message sent by the server. Write a program to execute a stored procedure in the database by using CallableStatement and display the results. Write a program to display a greeting message in the browser by using HttpServlet. Write a program to display a list of five websites in a HTML form and visit to the selected website by using Response redirection.

Write a program to store the user information into Cookies. Write another program to display the above stored information by retrieving from Cookies. Write a program in Java Beans to add a Button to the bo Bean and display the number of times the button has been clicked. Loading executable programs into memory and execute System Call implementation-read , write , open and close bo 3. Simulate all page replacement algorithms.

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